Work with us.

Join Ciara and the new world of digital assistants.

We think the days of using our computers with a keyboard, mouse, and countless open windows are numbered.

We believe that it’s time for our computers to understand us better. It’s time for them to listen to us, know what we are doing, and help us in real time!

Work at Ciara

Hi! We are Martin and Konstantin, the founders of Ciara.

We are looking for smart people to join our young company and help us change the world.

Our first step is creating a digital assistant for sales people. An assistant that listens into their conversations, guides the sales guys through their calls with best of breed playbooks, and helps them with useful tips, insights, and information. Our assistant is not a magical AI device.

It’s solid web-based software, with an amazing user interface and lots of hands-on sales knowledge compiled by us and our friends. We – Martin and Konstantin – have a combined 20+ years of experience in building startups, building software that sells, and scaling a company from a small start in Munich to an international corporation. We’re looking for people that want to get on this new journey with us.

Please apply for a Job:

You are interested in building an amazing product with us, as a software engineer in backend, frontend or as a designer.

You are a sales pro (or want to become one) who’s not afraid to call strangers on the phone and sell them Ciara like there’s no tomorrow.

You are a growth hacker (even if you have no clue what that means) and have endless ideas for how to create amazing campaigns, viral videos, and how to measure success, but not the right job to do all of this yet.

You are interested in building a new company and still on your way to figuring it all out.
You can try different job positions and create your own dream job along the way.

We know this is not a typical job posting, but we believe that things should be different.
At Ciara we have a no-bullshit philosophy.

What we offer

Here is what we have to offer:

  • Work whenever you want. The stuff you contribute is important, not when you do it. Learn a lot about building an internationally successful company. We’ve done it before and would love to take you with us. Will it work again? Well… It depends on you too, right?
  • Try anything. Working at Ciara means working without limits. If you have an idea, find a team and then go for it. Nobody will stand in your way. The team aspect is essential. We believe that any idea is good for the company if a team of employees supports it. If you’re alone and can’t convince your peers, it might not be such a good idea after all.
  • Good salaries. We are well-funded and we want you to have fun. Not having enough money in your pocket at the end of the month is not fun.
  • We work agile and iterate on the processes in our company. We will start off with Kanban for most engineering and other projects, but if this doesn’t work out, we will switch to something else.
  • If you’d like to work from the office, we provide convertible desks (sitting / standing), good chairs (no IKEA), a dual/three monitor setup to your liking, and the newest Apple hardware.
What we look for

And here is what we want from you:

  • Come in with a lot of ideas. Think about Ciara in advance and tell us something you would love to do here.
  • Show us some work you’re proud of. A private project, current work (as legally possible), a hobby, art …
  • If you’re an engineer, come with a technical topic and discuss it with us. It should have something to do with the type of work you’d like to do at Ciara. For instance: let’s talk about the best ways to communicate between microservices, or why JWTs are kinda scary. Discuss the latest frontend frameworks with us and give us your take on coding style.
  • If you’re a sales guy, sell us something that you really love. Like your favorite beer, an amazing tech product or something we have never heard about before.
  • If you want to work in marketing, show us the 5 best campaigns you have seen in the last year.

Does that sound like a match?