Sales Qualification

Effectively identify good fit prospects.

Sales success depends on good qualification. Ciara helps you ask the right questions, squash prospect objections, and determine the appropriate next steps to take if a deal is ultimately viable.

  • Always know the right topics to determine if your prospect is a good fit for your product with real-time cue cards.
  • Automate meeting documentation and never miss any essential insights through call recording and transcription and automated meeting summaries.
  • Seamlessly handoff qualified prospects to AEs with intelligent deal maps including all relevant details.
Enable a insight-driven sales qualification process
Turn more leads into opportunities with Ciara
Provide Product Demos that Sell with Ciara
Product Demos

Give product demos that sell.

The demo is your product's time to shine and makes or breaks the deal for a SaaS company. Ciara helps you give product demos that go far beyond feature dumping and help you win deals.

  • Host engaging product demos and share your screen, your slides, or relevant links and documents.
  • Ensure an effective product demo moving your deal forward with real-time recommendations from relevant talking points to monologue alerts.
  • Save hours of post-meeting documentation through automated summaries and instant CRM updates.
Boost your demo conversion rates
Sales Coaching and Training

Provide sales coaching that is real-time, always-on, and contextual.

It's proven that sales coaching empowers sales reps to close more deals. Ciara helps you develop a scalable coaching strategy that turns mid-performers into top sellers and builds a winning sales organization.

  • Help your reps navigate tricky sales situations live in their calls without being on every call through real-time cue cards.
  • Analyze sales calls and identify winning sales behaviors at scale with AI-powered conversation insights.
  • Drive consistent sales messaging and reduce ramp times by equipping your reps with relevant talking points and battlecards live in their sales calls.
Level up your coaching strategy
Provide Scalable, Always-On Sales Coaching with Ciara
Provide a stellar sales experience with Ciara
SDR-to-AE and Sales-to-Customer Success Handoff

Create a sales experience that excites customers.

  • Automated meeting summaries and instant CRM updates ensure no information is getting lost during the entire sales process.
  • Shareable deal maps ensure everyone has access to relevant and up-to-date customer information like pain points, goals, and concerns.
  • Call recordings help get a deep understanding of a (potential) customer and identify new issues or opportunities within an account right after handoff.
Provide a stellar sales experience

"With Ciara we were able to build an effective and scalable sales onboarding process, cutting our ramp-up time in half.”

Derick Dorner

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