With the Ciara x Zoom integration, you will never miss a thing. Thanks to the live transcription and smart summaries of your Zoom meetings, you can focus on your prospect 100%, get detailed conversation insights, and reduce manual tasks such as note-taking.  

Transcribe your Zoom meetings.

Ciara automatically transcribes your Zoom meetings and saves them in your Ciara account. No more multitasking during your calls - Now you can pay full attention to your prospects. 

Create smart meeting summaries and sync them with your CRM.

Highlight important parts of your transcript, round it off with individual notes, and sync everything with your CRM. This way, you stay on top of all your deals.

  • You have a valid Zoom Pro account or higher. 
  • Your Zoom admin enabled the “Custom Live Streaming Service” for your Zoom account.

Ready to set up?

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