Real-time sales coaching software that helps you close more deals, faster.

Enable contextual and instant sales coaching.

You can't be on every sales call. But Ciara can. Ciara helps your sales team navigate tricky situations like competitor comparisons or pricing questions with contextual and customizable cues.

Ciara - Level up your sales game

Identify coaching opportunities.

Get in-depth conversation analysis to spot winning behaviors and understand what top performers do differently. Identify correlations between discussion topics and deal outcomes and reinforce healthy behaviors on your team.

Ramp new hires faster.

80% of sales training is forgotten within 7 days without reinforcement. Ciara equips your new hires with live cue cards, a sales process guideline, and recordings from your top performers - Allowing faster time to quota attainment, better retention, and more revenue.

Ciara - Move deals forward with real-time guidance
Ciara - Level up your sales game

Improve your sales playbook with data.

Use AI to unveil data-backed insights on what behavior leads to more closed deals. Adapt your sales playbook accordingly and constantly increase sales success.

Frequently asked questions about Ciara's real-time sales coaching software.

Can I customize the talking points and battlecards?

Yes, the talking points and battlecards are completely customizable. We do offer some templates right out of the box, so you have something good to get started.

Can my meeting participants see the talking points, battlecards, and prompts?

No, all prompts from Ciara are only visible for the sales agent. For everyone else, it will be a completely normal online meeting.

Is there a limit on the number of talking points and battlecards I can set up?

No, there is no limit. However, we do recommend setting up only really relevant cards, so that they don’t interfere with your reps’ attention.

Which languages does Ciara support?

Ciara works for both, German and English conversations.

How does the real-time sales coaching work?

Ciara analyzes keywords in the conversation based on your customized talking points and battlecards in real-time and tracks the duration and talk ratios of the meeting. Based on those insights, it identifies relevant prompts.

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