Get insights into your deals, your pipeline, and your team with Ciara's Revenue Operations Platform.

Get full pipeline visibility.

Get full pipeline visibility with deal intelligence from your calls, video meetings, CRM and your notes - all in one place. View deal activity at a glance or click on a deal to dive into specific customer interactions.

Move more deals across the finish line.

Let Ciara analyze all customer interactions, identify gaps, and give your reps the nudges and reminders they need to move their deals forward faster.

Keep your sales data complete and accurate.

Ciara captures all essential details from your customer meetings by recording, transcribing, and summarizing the conversation. It instantly syncs everything to your CRM, automatically keeping your sales data accurate and up-to-date.

Improve your sales playbook with data.

Use AI to unveil data-backed insights on what behavior leads to more closed deals. Adapt your sales playbook accordingly and constantly increase sales success.

Ciara's Revenue Operations Platform seamlessly connects with the systems you already use.

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Revenue Operations Software FAQ.

What is a RevOps platform?

Revenue operations software organizes customer data across tools to provide revenue insights and more accurate revenue forecasts. Revenue teams use RevOps software to gain more visibility into the revenue pipeline, better manage customer accounts, and align customer success, marketing, and sales.

How does revenue operations software work?

Your revenue operations platform captures buyer and customer interactions across channels like calls and web conferencing. It ties data back to opportunities in your CRM, analyzes it, and gives detailed insights into each opportunity's status and recommended next steps.

Why does my business need a RevOps platform?

78% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments. The goal of RevOps is to align sales, marketing, and customer success and implement a smooth and productive sales process by collecting actionable insights from data. This leads to a better buying experience with higher conversion rates.

Is Ciara compliant with our privacy policy?

Data protection is a particular high-
priority for the Ciara management. The Ciara platform is completely built and
hosted in the EU and GDPR compliant.

Which CRM integrations does Ciara support?

Ciara integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive.

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