How to Bring Consistency to Your Sales Team.

What you’ll get from this webinar.

Actionable insights from a sales professional on how to bring consistency into your sales team!

In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn…

  • …why consistency is key for success in sales.
  • …the structure of a successful, consistent sales team.
  • …the Ciara SPOTT framework.
  • …steps to bring consistency into your team.
  • …and many more tips and tricks!

About the host.

Dr. Martin Heibel, Co-founder & Managing Director of Ciara GmbH.

Heibel has been a technology entrepreneur since starting his career in 2004. First serving as the general manager at the LMU Entrepreneurship Center while earning his Ph.D. in entrepreneurship from Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München.

After immersing himself around entrepreneurs he founded IntraWorlds in 2008, a global provider of innovative cloud-based talent relationship and corporate alumni solutions. He served as managing director for nine years and was able to garner top US based customers such as KPMG, AT Kearney, Davis Polk, and PWC. He currently still serves on the IntraWorlds advisory board.

To continue on his entrepreneurial journey, he founded XPRENEURS, an incubator for high- tech startups at UnternehmerTUM, one of the largest centers for innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, founded by Susanne Klatten. Most recently, he co-founded Ciara in 2019.

We hope you enjoy!

Webinar Replay.

Published 4 months ago.

30 minute watch.

Hosted by:
Martin Heibel

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