3 Ways Millennials are Changing Sales

Millennials have always been a tough nut to crack - in any regard. Whether it be fashion, technology, food, etc. - they are definitely an unpredictable bunch. They leave behind anything that doesn’t help them be more efficient or help them to become the best at whatever they are doing. Take it from me, I am one!

And one tried-and-true industry they are beginning to make their own is sales. Cold calling people in this generation doesn’t always work, and here are the 3 things that Millennials do that will change the way traditional sales.

1. They are willing to be early adopters.

Millennials love new, shiny tech. They are willing to try as many applications, programs, and software as it takes until they find the right combination that allows them to most effectively get their work done and live their lives. We see this trend in things such as smart assistants and sharing platforms.

What this means for sales people: If you want to succeed in this market, then you have to hide any generational differences when talking to or prospecting Millennials. Being on the same page about current trends is key to building relationships with Millennials. You will lose credibility if they get a whiff that you are behind on the times!

2. They don’t want to get their information from you, a sales person.

In this digital day-and-age, Millennials of all people would definitely prefer to look for themselves for opinions on products and companies. Social media and instant messaging have enabled them to get responses within seconds from their friends or sources that they trust.

What this means for sales people: Get to them another way first! Do as much as you can to target them online with ads, social media posts, and more before they check out your website. Be creative! If they already have heard of you, your chances are much higher that they would be willing to talk to you on the phone.

3. They have FOTP.

For those that don’t know, FOTP stands for the “fear of the phone,” and it is one reason why cold calls don’t always work with Millennials. According to this study, talking on the phone is their second to last preferred form of communication. They would much rather avoid conflict and stay in their comfort zone by writing emails and text messages because it allows prior planning and won’t lead to them saying something they will later regret. This makes it difficult for sales people to reach them on the phone without previous contact.

What this means for sales people: If you’re feeling uneasy about cold calling a certain Millennial client, try reaching out through emails or on social media first! Chances are if they are responsive and willing to communicate with you, getting them on the phone won’t be a problem. Linkedin is a great tool for this.

In summary, Millennials are very particular when it comes to sales communication, and are shaking up the way traditional sales have usually been conducted. Gone are the days of just picking up the phone, dialing a number, and making a sale. Trust is the key element amongst everything discussed, and is an invaluable thing to have between a salesperson and their clients!

Once you master the Millennial profile, bring your techniques and playbooks to Ciara and start optimizing every sales call that you make!

Published 4 months ago.

3 minute read.

Kourtney Kirton

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