3 Biggest Challenges for Inside Sales Reps (& how to overcome them!)

Inside sales has its fair share of challenges in every stage of the sales funnel. Through customer research, we identified three main problems inside sales reps face on a daily basis and created three basic and easy-to-apply solutions!


How many tabs are open in your browser while talking to a customer on the phone? Probably at least five - email inbox, calendar, CRM tool, the website of your prospect and your web conferencing tool. Moreover, as if they weren’t enough, there might also be one for Twitter, LinkedIn, an interesting blog article (like this one ;) ) and, and, and… And you, of course, need all of them. This means a massive distraction during your call. Every time a new email or update on social media pops-up, it takes your attention away from your customer.

The solution:

Prepare upfront! Know who you are dealing with, avoid distraction, find a quiet place, have a clear goal AND have a playbook for your call in front of you

Lack of training.

Companies often hire people with little to no experience in Inside Sales. Instead of taking time to provide proper training, they immediately put the newbies on the phone and expect them to deliver right away! Lacking experience in convincing customers to buy a product (most likely a product they don’t know in detail), it’s very likely that they won’t close many deals.

The solution:

Your business is growing super fast and you have no time to take new employees by the hand. Fair enough! If that is the case, provide them with a good guideline and a clear structure. This will be much easier for someone who’s new to inside sales to properly handle their first calls and become a pro in no time!


Do you get nervous before calling a prospect? That’s completely normal! Convincing a lead to buy your product was never easy. Especially nowadays when (thanks to the internet) your prospects are well informed about what’s on the market, what customers say about the different solutions, and how much they cost. This could potentially lead to uncomfortable situations. For example, when the customer asks you why your product is so expensive or why your solution is better than the one from your competitors.

The solution:

Think about all the unpleasant questions you might receive. Write down the best answers for each one and make sure these are with you during every call. That way you can provide factual and convincing arguments whenever you’re on the phone.

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  • Integration with all common CRM tools so no information from the call is lost. Instead, it’s automatically sent to your company’s customer relationship management tool.
  • An objection-handling feature, providing you with the best answers to your prospect’s questions.

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Published 6 months ago.

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Martin Heibel

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