The 5 Must-Reads for Every Sales Rep

Note from the editor: “This article is not sponsored. We really believe these books will help you become a better sales rep!”

If you’re working in sales you should definitely read the following 5 books. They will give you a great overview of the best practices and techniques along the entire sales cycle and help you become a sales pro!

If you have already read these books - awesome! You know how it works, but keep in mind: you never stop learning. Check out other articles on our blog to get even more sales insights!

1. “Blueprints” // Fernando Pizarro & Jacco van der Kooij

SaaS companies have a small window to scale their company to be successful. Blueprints gives detailed guidelines on when and how SaaS companies should build up a sales team and create their sales process.

Ciara sales expert opinion: “Awesome book for advice on how to build a high-performing SaaS sales team.”

2. “Pitch Anything” // Oren Klaff

In Pitch Anything, Oren Klaff explains how the brain affects the decision-making process and the way we pitch can increase the likelihood of our prospect to say yes.

Ciara sales expert opinion: “The mix of neuroscience and economics is a great contrast to other sales books.”

3. “The New Strategic Selling” // Robert B. Miller & Stephen E. Heiman

The new strategic selling gives you an overview of the complex structure of an enterprise decision-making process. Learn how to identify the key contacts in the buyer’s company, manage relevant relationships, and finally close the deal.

Ciara sales expert opinion: “The ultimate guide when selling to large enterprises.”

4. “The Psychology of Selling” // Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy shows you how psychology affects sales performance and shows you strategies and methods to improve your communication skills and win more deals.

Ciara sales expert opinion: “Although it’s not really one of the newest sales books on the market (published in 2006) it still belongs on the “must-read” list of every sales professional. It covers all the fundamentals one needs to know to become a good sales rep.”

5. “Predictable Revenue” // Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

In Predictable Revenue, Aaron Ross shares his insights from building up a lead generation team at Salesforce and thereby increase revenue by $100 million in the first few years. It includes many best practices and suggestions for structuring the sales process in a company.

Ciara sales expert opinion: “The Bible for SMB SaaS sales!”

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