Scaling Your Sales Team with a Digital Assistant

Digital assistants are commonplace in our everyday lives. They are on our mobile devices, in our homes, and even in the form of wearable technology. They make life easier and help us to optimize our efficiency in daily tasks. If a digital assistant can be so useful in our personal lives, why not utilize them in our professional lives too?

How can you scale your sales team with a digital assistant?

1. Increase efficiency during sales calls

Anyone working in sales knows the hassle of managing multiple tools. A typical sales call requires one person to juggle a call log, script, notes, CRM program, content management system, and more to store all necessary information. Why would you waste your time flipping from program to program and shuffling through files? A digital assistant provides a salesperson with one cohesive program that intuitively recognizes which tools are needed throughout the call and keeps them all in one place. Digital assistants provide support, keep things organized, and take care of busy work to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Spend less time flipping through tools and more time making sales calls.

2. Focus your calls

Salespeople are often more successful when they incorporate personal anecdotes into conversations that are geared towards topics other than the product they’re trying to sell. That’s why even experienced salespeople need a script to stay on track and ensure that they touch on all key talking points. One of the major problems in sales is asking the right questions. A digital sales assistant can help reps stay on script and help them check all the important boxes. Digital sales assistants have the ability to recognize when a key point isn’t discussed and remind the salesperson during the call. Make your sales calls more successful by keeping the conversation going without forgetting a single point.

3. Assist with following-up

Even if you close a deal, your correspondence with the customer is far from over. Strong, lasting relationships create loyal customers, especially in B2B. Digital sales assistants can set new appointments and automatically schedule follow up calls. Maintaining a relationship is made easier with a digital sales assistant, who can prompt sales reps to make follow-up calls, as well as remind them where they left off, and even provide personal details from previous call notes. Keeping up with your customers has never been easier than with a digital sales assistant.

4. Reduce on-boarding time

Sales reps spend too much time on administrative tasks, taking away from valuable phone time. Training new employees is one of those administrative tasks. On-boarding new employees is a time consuming process for sales teams and can be unnecessarily complicated with several different platforms and documents to learn how to use. Digital assistants can provide an easy, comprehensive platform to guide new employees through training. By providing a checklist, reminders, and tips for what to say, digital assistants help new, temporary, or student workers make successful sales calls. Managers can cut on-boarding time in half by implementing a digital sales assistant into their team.

Ever felt like you’re lacking an assistant to do your busy work, make follow-up appointments, help with on-boarding and above all, keep everything organized?

Ciara, our digital sales assistant, can do all this and more. If you want to learn more about scaling your sales team with digital assistants, check out our founder Martin Heibel’s article on

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Published 2 months ago.

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Marlise Schneider

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