Interview with Swenja Nienhaus from Banovo

“I think it’s important to have confidence in what you’re doing.”

Swenja Nienhaus, bathroom planner at Banovo, on being new to sales, how to get used to the new role, and what companies can do to help new sales reps.

Starting in sales can be somehow overwhelming. Every sales talk is different and not knowing what to expect can be frightening. Confidence and trust in yourself, but also from the advisors towards the sales reps is key for successful onboarding.

Swenja’s job as a bathroom planner for Banovo, is to understand her customer’s needs and then translate these into her work. Being new to sales, Swenja had to get used to direct contact with her customers. In the following interview, she shares some tips and tricks for how other sales newbies can quickly find their way into their new role and what companies can do to best support them.

1. You actually have a background in design. What made you decide to go into sales instead?

I always thought that interior design was an exciting career path and sort of saw Banovo as a great opportunity to delve into this area. What I find so exhilarating, is that I am in direct contact with the end customer without having anything in the way of that. I see myself as a designer and planner for bathrooms. My belief is that if I understand my customers and implement their wishes as best as possible, then the business part of it all will naturally follow.

2. What is it about sales that you found most difficult when you first started off?

What I really needed to get used to at the beginning, was the abundance of direct contact with the customer. This was something that was easy to get used to though, since every customer and project is different, giving it an exciting touch, in my opinion. Additionally, bathroom renovation was a completely new industry for me, so I needed to become acquainted with all of the different products.

3. What piece of advice can you give to newbies in sales?

I think it’s important to have confidence in what you’re doing. We really think hard about which products and designs would fit best with our customer’s needs, which is why I think it’s important to be honest when talking to the customer about important points. This way, the customer feels understood and well-advised which is critical for the whole sales process to work out.

4. In your opinion, what can businesses do better to help better prepare beginners for their sales calls?

As a beginner, it’s important to receive a sense of trust from their advisors and to convey a positive attitude towards sales calls. It’s also important for beginners to be well informed about what it is that they are selling, so they can be confident about what they are advising their customers about.

5. As someone who is new to sales, how does Ciara help you during your sales calls?

Ciara helps me with the structure of my sales calls. I am able to navigate through my calls step by step with Ciara always reminding me of the most important points to cover. I also love the fact that Ciara gives you the opportunity to create your own Playbook, since everyone has a different method of interacting with their customers. As an online supplier, Banovo is digitally advanced, which is why Ciara fits so well with what we are doing. Personally, I think it’s great that Ciara supports a paper-free working environment for a more sustainable working method.

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Banovo is a leading bathroom renovator for private customers and offers a one-stop professional service throughout Germany: from expert planning through professional execution to turnkey bathrooms. With an innovative approach to sanitation, on-line planning from home and personal on-site support, Banovo creates the highest quality and customer orientation. An optimized fixed price for the entire new bathroom completes the offer and offers the customer security and plannability from the beginning.

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