Interview with Nick de Zoete from xChange

”…sales is a company effort!”

Nick de Zoete, Network Development Manager at xChange, on why sales is a company effort and how to successfully grow and run your sales team.

In sales, you often have to rely on yourself. There is no one standing next to you and helping you when you’re on the phone with a customer. If you are struggling to answer a customer objection, you generally have to fend for yourself. Nevertheless, having good teamwork can help boost the overall results of a company. Being able to successfully share knowledge amongst the team members and maintain consistent processes are key elements to a high-performing sales team.

Meet Nick, an experienced founder and sales manager. He has already built up successful sales teams so he definitely knows about the importance of teamwork. In this short interview, Nick will share his insights.

How did you get started in sales?

While I was studying, two of the courses I took were B2B and B2C sales. To put everything I learned in class into practice, I took my first sales job; selling cars on Saturdays and during holidays. And there’s where it all started; the love for building a relationship with a customer, advising the right product or service and - naturally - chasing the deal. Fast forward six years and here I am, now in a fast-paced start-up environment – but still in sales!

Most times when you’re on the phone with a customer, you’re on your own. So, how would you say that sales is a team effort?

Maybe ‘team effort’ isn’t the right term – in my opinion, sales is a company effort! We all work together to create a package worth selling, from marketing to customer success to product and development to sales. You can’t sell without the whole company being a team.

What do you and your team do to keep the team spirit up?

Our sales team works great together, we have a healthy competition going on between each other but know what we need to achieve to move to the next level. Of course, the occasional ‘Feierabend’ beer (as the Germans call it 😉) or sales team dinner and Sunday football help to keep the team spirit up.

How do you ensure consistency across your sales team?

We are aiming for quality over quantity, that means building consistency. Therefore, we are constantly reviewing our sales processes, building guidelines, and optimizing wherever we can. That takes a lot of effort, certainly because we are still a young company learning day-by-day. That’s an exciting journey, but we are definitely on the right track!

You’re a fast-growing startup and are regularly hiring new team members. How has Ciara helped you onboard these new members and share knowledge amongst your sales team?

You’re right, we’re moving fast! And Ciara is a great way to get new sales team members on board as it simply makes it easy to get used to a structured way of approaching potential clients, while also being able to use your own unique style. Having your playbook right in front of you during the call makes it difficult to forget what to say and when. Moreover, it really helps to ensure us to deliver quality in terms of communicating notes, so everyone is up to speed immediately. The integration with our CRM tool is great, saves time and simply makes our life easier.

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About xChange:

xChange is a neutral online platform for one-way container moves, enabling users to (a) use 3rd party ocean containers for their freight and (b) supply their containers to others in order to save on empty repo costs In doing that we are not a broker but a fully neutral online platform, putting participants in direct contact with the users and suppliers. xChange not only adds value by opening up a vast network of partners but also by streamlining processes, replacing manual work, and simplifying contractual relations.

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