Interview with Kamelia Duczmal from 3YOURMIND

“It is important to build interest, a sense of reliability and trust from the very beginning.”

Kamelia Duczmal, business developer at 3YOURMIND, about the ins-and-outs of a sales call and knowing how to go about any hurdles that might come your way.

Sales calls are an art form, and take practice and time to get used to. Nevertheless, it’s also about the mindset one has going into them. It’s critical to have confidence in yourself and in the product you are selling, or the customer will see you as someone who just has no clue about what you’re doing.

Kamelia is an experienced business developer. She has conducted many sales conversations in her career and has thus been able to gain a lot of insight into what it takes to carry out a successful sales call. In this short interview, Kamelia shares her advice and experience.

How do you typically begin a sales call? Do you get right down to business or do you start with something like an ice breaker?

I respect other’s time and prefer to get to the point quite fast. Nevertheless, I love to speak with people and understand their point of view, so I do not keep the discussion very tight, but rather allow it to flow naturally like during the afternoon chat at the coffee shop. There are some points, which I always want to discuss, however, the main goal of the discovery call is to understand as much of the client’s needs, personal approach, and his company’s policy, as possible.

Some people say that sales is just a thing for extroverts. What do you think?

I’ve been working with various types of personalities as salespersons. I wouldn’t say that you need to be an extrovert to do this job well. Some sales reps have a more focused work style, getting straight to the point and make the next steps clear for everyone - I’d call it an ‘engineer’ approach, which gives credibility and sense of trust. The others are talking, joking, bringing a relaxed atmosphere to the meetings - I call it a ‘showman’s’ approach, where the client simply likes the sales rep and looks forward to working with him further.

It is a big task to find in the customer’s organization a person who will appreciate your style and personality, who can become your ‘champion’ within the company. If you behave natural, respect and listen to your clients, your personality definitely won’t be an issue.

What is the most important thing when talking to prospects?

It is important to build interest, a sense of reliability and trust from the very beginning. You need to be confident that your product is the best of all and different from others. It is good to open new visions and ideas for your interlocutor, inspire him. Sometimes you need to challenge his approach - all with regard to his opinions and with a dose of humor. Sometimes, also, if you do not know the answer to some question, or your product is not 100% responding to the client’s needs, you should stay humble and say it openly - this definitely also builds trust.

And an absolute no-go in sales talks?

I would say that you shouldn’t make the prospect feel as if he is at some interrogation or recruitment interview. You also shouldn’t be too pushy and trying to sell him whatever you have regardless of what he wants and needs. Don’t overtalk, and do not interrupt when the client wants to say something - your prospect is sharing his thoughts - that’s gold! Stay cool and relaxed, talk about your amazing product and make the client share your enthusiasm.

Why did you choose to work with Ciara?

Before switching to Ciara I had been mainly using a pen and paper. And it seemed fine to me. However, after I started using Ciara I realized that my notes can be inserted in our CRM much faster, with no need for transcription from my handwriting into the computer, and without carrying my notebook everywhere around. I love Ciara’s integration with our CRM, which allows for more automation in our workflow. I also appreciate Ciara’s team spirit and approach, which encourages me to give feedback and allows to participate in the development of this tool.

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3YOURMIND offers Enterprise Software to optimize the additive manufacturing processes for leading companies and 3D print services. The technology allows customers to fully exploit the potential of industrial 3D printing using digital workflows to connect teams with production locations, optimize machine utilization and enable well-informed production decisions.

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Customers who have already successfully integrated 3YOURMIND products into AM production include GKN, DB Schenker, Postnord, EOS, and other undisclosed enterprise companies.

Published 3 months ago.

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