How to Rock a Prospecting Call

A lot of sales reps dread prospecting calls. They associate them with sweaty hands and a racing heart while they dial the number. Moreover, there are a couple of sales reps that pray that no one answers the phone so that they can just write an email.

However, with the right preparation and mindset, prospecting calls are half as terrifying - and can even be fun!

In this article, we want to share some tips with you to help you become a pro in prospecting calls!

Make sure that you are prepared

Preparation is the key to success! Before you begin a call, you need to define your goals and prepare some notes. In a prospecting call, your aim is typically to qualify a lead for the next step in the customer journey. Ideally, you need to prepare questions that help you to get to know your lead and his objectives. It is always helpful if you already think of potential objections that can come up during a call. This ensures that you are prepared for tricky situations. Don’t forget to stay calm even if difficult questions get asked.

Listen carefully

If you chose a career in sales, you are most likely a passionate communicator. However, before you start talking you should listen to your leads. Find out what their exact pain points and needs are. It’s not how much you say but it’s about the content of what you say. If you really know your customer, you can always find the right strategy for selling them your product.

Don’t be too sales-y

It can be pretty annoying to get called by dozens of sales reps during the week only to hear the same storyline of how your life can be made so much easier with their fantastic new product/service. Try to stand out from the mass and start getting creative. Show them that they’re not 1 of your 100 calls during the day, but that you really care and are engaged with their company. Starting with a phrase like, “My research shows that…” or “I saw on your LinkedIn profile…” can make a huge difference as opposed to just saying “Hey its name from company xy and I want to tell you about our product.”

Hanging up the phone doesn’t mean the end

Now you have had a good call, and the prospect promised he’s interested and will try your product, so you lean back in your office chair and relax? Sorry, that’s not how it works. The first thing you should do after the call is to go through your notes, restructure and adjust them if needed, and upload them to your CRM. Next, write a post-call email - saying (again) thank you for the phone call. Provide him with additional material and information on the next step. Also, make sure to schedule a reminder for a follow-up email already. You need to make sure not to be forgotten.

Never give up

Got another “no”? Heads up! According to the HubSpot 2019 Sales Statistics, it takes an average of 18 calls to actually connect with a buyer. It’s really not personal if someone is not interested in talking to you. Even the best sales guys get rejected. Try to forget about it and move on to the next cool. Practice makes perfect, and after your first success, your next will come all the more quickly and easily.

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Published 6 months ago.

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Veronika Traublinger

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