Will Conversation Assistants Be a Game Changer for Salespeople in 2020?

In many ways, salespeople are overwhelmed with tools, programs, processes, etc. They have a CRM, a content management system, an ERP, a chatbot program, a conferencing tool, a calendar program… phew. That’s a lot to remember and to keep organized. However, each of these tools play an essential role in helping salespeople prepare for sales calls and record notes and tasks after sales calls.

Now, where is the support between preparation and post-call?

Cue a digital conversation assistant.

This new technology is meant to help salespeople during their phone calls to take seamless notes alongside a talk track, transcribe voice notes, update their CRM, and handle any objection that comes their way.

But don’t take it from me. Find out how sales professionals from around the world think that a digital conversation assistant designed especially for salespeople will affect the way they work in 2020.

- Max Fischer | Sales Team Lead, store2be | Berlin, Germany

“There will be less time spent preparing information before calls, emails & customer meetings.”

- Dionne Mischler | Founder & CEO, Inside Sales by Design | Aliso Viejo, California

“I think in the right hands and with the right intention, the tools can be used for good in all the right ways!”

- Johnathan Press | Sales Engineer, Galley | San Diego, California

“Helping to reduce the time and friction from the following: Prospecting, scheduling, and capturing and guiding prospects from 1, to 2, to 3, or through the sales process/workflows.”

- Steve Keating | Leadership & Sales Development, Lead Today | Bloomington, Minnesota

“The sales profession will continue to change in 2020. Either those tools will enable sales professionals to make more calls and close more sales or they will enable companies to maintain sales with fewer salespeople. If the last few years are any indication, there will be fewer and fewer salespeople as a result of sales enablement and more ‘channels’ for prospects to find what they are looking for. The good news is that salespeople who survive the changes will be more highly compensated and in demand.”

- John Barrows | CEO, JBarrows Sales Training | Boston, Massachusetts

”…it will make good reps great when they figure out how to automate what should be automated and where to add the human element.”

We know that conversation assistants are the next wave of technology that all salespeople will need in their sales tech stacks.

Get a head start for 2020 and check out the digital conversation assistant, Ciara, today!

Published 1 month ago.

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Kourtney Kirton

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