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International Sales Experts Unite to Launch Ciara’s Skill Store with Actionable Blueprints for Sales Conversations

MUNICH, 13 January 2020 - In conjunction with award-winning sales trainers and experts, among others, Dionne Mischler, Susan A. Enns, and Elinor Stutz, Ciara, the number one conversation assistant, launches their Ciara Content Library today. Comprised of the best sales professionals in their respective fields, the Ciara Content Library provides a collection of proven sales call playbooks and gives Ciara users actionable best practice and real-time guidance during their customer conversations.

With just the click of a button, the Ciara Content Library allows sales reps to:

  • Choose from actionable and unique playbooks from every stage of the sales cycle, enabling smoother conversations.
  • Build their own playbooks based on proven templates and insights.
  • Connect with the sales experts featured in the library.
  • Get personal, tailor-made, and voice-enabled guidance from the Ciara conversation assistant in every one of their sales calls.
  • Boost their confidence on the phone by increasing their number of deal-winning conversations.

“Sales conversations are complex - we know this and salespeople around the world know this. Applying sales methodologies & remembering minute details during a phone call aren’t easy tasks, and that’s why we built our conversation assistant, Ciara” says Martin Heibel, co-founder of Ciara. “We couldn’t be more excited that so many sales experts see the value in this assistant & community and have joined the movement by contributing their winning sales playbooks!”

10 of the leading sales experts from Europe and the US created exclusive content for the launch of the Content Library.

“It is fantastic to see what technology can do for us and how Ciara helps develop the sales profession. As a sales trainer, I am now able to share my knowledge with thousands of salespeople right at the moment when they need it in any given conversation. The Ciara Content Library is a great opportunity to offer a new digital service, improve their skills, and win new customers quickly,” says Dionne Mischler, a 20+ years sales veteran and founder of Inside Sales by Design.

The Ciara Content Library is from now on available to all Ciara users. You can sign up for free here.

Ciara plans to expand the library in the future to provide even more valuable content, integrations, and blueprints to its community. Interested sales trainers and professionals can apply to become part of the Content Library here.

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