Ciara Recognized as a Top Sales Tool of 2019 by Nancy Nardin

MUNICH, 13 December 2019 - Ciara, the number one sales conversation assistant, was recognized by Nancy Nardin as one of the Top Sales Tools in 2019.

The Top Sales Tools Guide recognizes companies with unique capabilities for solving revenue-generating challenges. The SalesTech software companies recognized in this guide include well-established vendors along with exciting up-and-comers. The guide is created by Nancy Nardin, one of the world’s leading sales technology experts with 14+ years of experience in evaluating B2B enterprise tech.

“The growth in the market has brought excitement as well as confusion,” says Nancy Nardin. “Sales organizations rarely have the resources to adequately keep up on all the technology offerings. That’s why we produce the Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide.”

Ciara is a digital conversation assistant for sales professionals, enabling sales reps to have all-in-one conversations. The assistant provides context-aware, real-time guidance while on the phone, as well as features to boost productivity, such as speech-to-text note-taking and automated CRM data-entry. This allows for more consistency and efficient processes in sales teams across the globe leading to optimized revenue growth.

“Ciara is like nothing else I’ve seen. It’s a new category of sales tool that improves conversation outcomes. Love it,” says Nardin.

The full 2019 Top Sales Tools guide can be found here.

About Ciara

Ciara is the leading digital conversation assistant that allows sales teams to communicate with prospects and customers more effectively while on the phone. Used by teams at leading insides-sales driven companies and high-growth startups, Ciara provides real-time conversation guidance to help sales professionals have better sales calls, and ultimately close more deals. Ciara enables sellers to have all-in-one conversations by bringing together their entire knowledge base and sales tech stack into one place. Want to find out why Ciara was named one of the Top 50 Digital Startups in Europe? Visit:


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