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Ciara Publishes 2019 State of Inside Sales Report

MUNICH, 20 February 2020 - Ciara, the number one sales conversation assistant, has published their results from a study conducted at the end of 2019.

The survey focused on questions regarding typical tasks a salesperson does during their daily work. The goal was to uncover which of these tasks proves to be the most tedious, thereby uncovering the top challenges of a salesperson’s job.

Ciara garnered 200+ responses from a diverse group of salespeople. Over 15 countries, 25 industries, and 150 companies were represented in this sample. From these results, Ciara found that many issues that have troubled salespeople for a while are not yet resolved, such as the complexity and large amount of sales tools used in an organization.

All of the findings, an infographic overview, and more information was published in their 2019 State of Inside Sales Report, which is available for free here.

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