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AI Sales Assistant Ciara Introduces Voice-Enabled Deal Maps to Help Inside Sales Teams Cut Sales Cycles in Half

Sunnyvale, CA - Ciara, an emerging leader in AI assistant software, today announced Deal Maps, a revolutionary, voice-enabled deal intelligence dashboard that empowers salespeople to manage their opportunities more effectively. 

Deal Maps visualizes the sales process in a dynamic environment to support sellers across the entire revenue cycle, while capturing rich buyer insights that provide managers and revenue leaders with greater visibility into pipelines and forecasts.

“Until now, getting detailed insights into your deal pipeline has involved hours of research in your CRM and has also been immensely dependent on the quality of reps’ documentation. By integrating context-aware conversation intelligence with a dynamic sales process guideline, we allow sales organizations to always have a crystal-clear overview of every deal and easily create repeatable and scalable processes,” said Martin Heibel, CEO of Ciara.

Ciara’s Deal Maps keeps sales deals moving. Deal Maps reduces the need for repeated follow-ups that can slow down the sales cycle, and enables smooth handoffs between reps - helping sales reps stay on top of their deals and making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Key features include:

  • Web conferencing: An integrated, online conferencing solution tailored to support sales professionals in customer conversations.
  • Real-time call recording and transcription: Call recording and speech-to-text transcription accurately capture the sales conversation as it’s happening.  Transcriptions can be searched or reviewed after the call for training and coaching.
  • Dynamic deal maps: Deal Maps dynamically visualizes the sales process. The maps automatically update based on customer conversations and provide the reps with recommended next steps and an always-up-to-date overview of all deals. Deal progress is automatically calculated, allowing for complete pipeline visibility and accurate forecasting.
  • In-call conversation guidance: The context of the conversation is automatically captured in real-time during the meeting and, based on previously discussed topics and the ideal sales process, talking points are prompted. Hence, sales reps always conduct goal-driven conversations.
  • Conversation insights meeting summary: A meeting summary is automatically created, which includes a short AI-powered summary of the meeting, conversation metrics, notes, and key moments. 

Ciara users are already seeing great results – from streamlined internal processes to better alignment across the entire sales cycle. Customers are excited about what Deal Maps can do for their sales teams:

“Ciara provides me with all the information I need to develop my deals,” explains Alessandro Rocca, Senior Account Executive at knowledge collaboration expert Starmind. “The in-call guidance allows me to always focus on the right topics and have goal-driven conversation.”

Founder & CEO of Schedulehead, an employee scheduling solution provider, Derick Dorner says, “Customer conversations are the most important part of the entire sales process. Leveraging modern voice technology like Ciara to make them even more effective is a logical step.”

If you would like to learn more about how Ciara can help your business accelerate sales success, feel free to get in touch with the Ciara product experts.

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Ciara is the first voice-powered meeting assistant for high-growth inside sales teams, helping to reduce the time from lead to close by up to 50%. With intelligent deal maps, in-call guidance, and conversation analytics, Ciara helps inside sales organizations successfully execute and manage the entire deal pipeline. Hundreds of businesses worldwide rely on Ciara to create a repeatable and scalable sales process. Learn more at

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