Why You Should Be Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Veronika Traublinger
July 3, 2020

Many people working on the computer don't use keyboard shortcuts, although they save up to 64 hrs of work/year. And that's not the only perk

Many people working on the computer in their daily jobs don’t use keyboard shortcuts (other than copy and paste). Although, according to a calculation by Brainscape, you could save 64 hours of work per year! This means a productivity increase of 3.3%!

And that’s not all! Here are the three main benefits of using keyboard shortcuts:

They save you time!

Using keyboard shortcuts can make you way more productive and save you, as mentioned above, several hours (or 8 days) of work per year! The movement from your keyboard to your mouse might only take a couple of seconds, but the frequency let it add up quickly.

They keep you focused!

Switching between your keyboard and mouse not only costs time but also makes you lose focus. Every time you switch devices and change the type of movement, it interrupts your workflow.

They keep you healthy!

Using your mouse a lot increases your risk of RSI (Repetitive Syndrome Injury), which you get from doing too many repetitive tasks - such as hundreds of mouse clicks per day. So give your fingers a little variety and use your keyboard.

And because of those benefits, you’re able to manage your Ciara calls without using your mouse!

With Ciara’s keyboard shortcuts, everything is just one click away. You can pull up an objection battle card or take a note at lightning speed!

Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts for your calls with Ciara:

In-call navigation

↩︎ Mark a Content Block as done

↩︎ Uncheck a content block when it’s checked

↩︎ Open note in an overlay when a note is selected

Extend a Content Block

Minimize a Content Block

esc Minimize content block

or Move down

⇧ + ⇥ or ↑ Move up

/ Search for Objections and CRM fields

⌘ + ↓ or Focus note blocks (Mac) or ctrl + ↓ or ↑ (Windows)

Note/search box

↩︎ Save a note

⇧ + ↩︎ Line break

Search Content Blocks

CRM fields

Focus a field

esc Cancel field change

⌘ + ↩︎ Save a field (Mac) or ctrl + ↩︎ (Windows)

Tip: Make a list of the shortcuts you’d use the most, and print it out or save it to your desktop for easy reference.

And now, test out the Ciara shortcuts yourself now!