What Is AI Sales Assistant Software?

Kristina Eventov
November 29, 2021

AI sales assistant software isn't just for automating routine tasks anymore. Read our 5 key benefits to see why you need it.

Artificial Intelligence in business has become synonymous with a forward-thinking approach to all aspects of business strategy, from marketing to sales to finance.

Many sales tasks that used to require team members to prepare spreadsheets and spend hours filtering and analyzing data can now be streamlined by AI and automation, building a new software category called AI sales assistant software.


In this post, we’ll look at what AI sales assistant software is, why your company needs it, and what key features make up a great virtual sales assistant. Let’s hop right to it!

AI Sales Assistant Software - What is it? 

G2 describes AI sales assistants as “tools that assist sales representatives by automating tasks and processes via embedded artificial intelligence.”

Tasks getting automated can include lead qualification, follow-ups, meeting scheduling, or data entry.

Also referred to as AI virtual sales assistants, sales and marketing teams implement AI sales assistant software to free up time spent on routine tasks to focus on more complex responsibilities.

With the shift to virtual selling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual sales assistants gained increased popularity and became a crucial part of the tech stack of successful sales teams.

The Key Features of AI Sales Assistant Software

AI sales assistants can have a broad overlap with conversational marketing software, sales analytics software, and sales intelligence software. However, AI sales assistants as a whole are differentiated from other tools because of their task automation capabilities, artificial intelligence, and focus on sales teams.

So, what are the must-have features of AI virtual assistants?

1 - Ability to automate routine tasks

The main goal of implementing an AI sales assistant is to increase productivity and free up sales rep’s time for complex, revenue-generating tasks. This means that task automation functionalities are the core of every virtual sales assistant tool.

This could be among others:

  • Automated lead qualification
  • Automated meeting scheduling
  • Automated CRM updates

2 - Embedded Artificial Intelligence to support decision making

Next to the automation functionalities, a key feature of AI sales assistants is using artificial intelligence to support decision-making processes.

They analyze data from customer interactions and more to provide accurate forecasting or suggestions on the following actions.

3 - Integrations to your existing sales tech stack

Although not necessarily a feature, integrations to your current sales tools are essential to leveraging the full power of AI sales assistant software. 

Integrations provide the assistant with the information needed to provide predictive insights or automate tedious tasks such as CRM integrations.

That’s why when looking for the perfect AI virtual assistant for your business, the available integrations should be a crucial part of your evaluation process.

What Are the Benefits of an AI Virtual Sales Assistant?

1. Increased productivity

On average, sales reps spend less than 36% of their time on revenue-generating tasks

Automating routine tasks allows sales reps to spend their time doing what they can do best: talking to customers and closing deals. 

2. Shorter sales cycles aka faster revenue

An AI sales assistant gives you the ongoing insights you need to understand when and why the customer is likely to make a deal and what might be holding them back from moving forward.

Armed with the correct information, you’re much more likely to approach a customer on the fence with the info or reassurances required to pull them down on your side.

3. Better aligned processes 

Automating tasks not only frees up time for your sales reps but also ensures standardized processes.

Instead of every rep updating their CRM or managing the sales process as they like, AI sales assistants ensure that everything gets done in the same way.

4. More accurate data

AI software can compile the data your company has, as well as gather news in real-time. This means you’re no longer dependent on your sales reps’ manual documentation and data entry (which, let’s be honest, no one did anyway).

More accurate data means more accurate forecasting, a better overview of your sales pipeline, and in-depth insights into your market. 

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All insights captured in the meeting get summarized and documented correctly in the CRM, reducing the time needed to rework a meeting.

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