Virtual Sales Kickoff - Your Guide to a Successful Remote Event

Veronika Traublinger
January 5, 2021

A free guide full of tips for a successful and memorable virtual sales kickoff to start your new business year strong.

Even though a sales kickoff meeting seems to be a relic from an old time, there are plenty of reasons why even today you should make the time for one every year. It’s an investment in the future of the company and your sales team. It’s about bringing your team together to get them ready to sell.

A great sales kickoff should be a mix of education, engagement, and energy. But in the new virtual sales world where mostly everything takes place remotely, bringing people together isn’t so easy. 

Today’s sales kickoffs need to be digital-first and take place virtually. But how do you recapture the same magic — the same collaboration, the same activation — when everything takes place online?

Your Guide to a Successful Virtual Sales Kickoff

This guide equips you with everything you need to build a virtual sales kickoff that educates and energizes your team for the year ahead.

  • Why sales kickoffs are still important in today’s sales world
  • How to identify the right goals
  • A checklist to successfully prepare your virtual sales kickoff
  • The ideal agenda for a successful virtual sales kickoff event
  • Fun and engaging ideas to make your virtual sales kickoff memorable 

What are you waiting for, start planning your virtual sales kickoff and start the new year strong!