Training Reinforcement: The Key to Coaching Sales Instincts

Sophia Obrecht
July 24, 2021

Develop effective sales coaching to boost win rates in your sales team with our free Ciara guide to sales training reinforcement.

Traditional sales coaching is dead. Say hello to sales training reinforcement.

RIP to the quarterly sales coaching long to the one-off appearance of a big-name sales trainer, traditional sales training is dead.

While there is and will always be a space for broader one-off workshops and guest speakers when it comes to sales coaching, in this fast-paced world of hyper-connected and informed customers, sales training needs to take a new approach.  In order to instill effective sales instincts in your team, you need to focus on a hybrid model of workshopping AND sales training reinforcement.  

According to statistics, 77% of learning is forgotten within six days if it is not reinforced. That means if you’re a sales leader investing in one-off or monthly workshops you’ve already lost. If you want to bring skills to your team and boost your sales growth (and in turn foster greater employee retention) you must invest in sales training reinforcement as part of your wider sales coaching and development strategy.

Download our free guide and learn how to develop an effective hybrid sales coaching approach and implement sales training reinforcement.

What's inside?

  • What is sales training reinforcement.
  • How to implement reinforcement training.
  • The three truths of training.
  • How to bring sales coaching into your daily workflow.

Download the guide now and learn to learn how to revitalize your sales coaching strategy to boost sales instincts.