The New Hybrid World of Remote Sales: Where Old Meets New

Sophia Obrecht
November 2, 2020

Meaningful human interaction in the remote sales world will be key to winning and maintain customers. Read more on customer centricity here.

2020 will be a year remembered in history. A year of tragedy perhaps, but perhaps also a year of transformation. When it comes to the world of sales, Covid-19 has been something of a catalyst: accelerating trends towards digital. But the pandemic has also revealed something more important: the significance of human interaction in the remote sales world.

I know it might seem paradoxical that during tech transformation, a move to digital, and a period of social distancing, human to human contact, and old fashioned sales approaches are being re-evaluated and revalued. But let me explain.

The Digital Revolution

Although a move towards digital sales, home office, and virtual conferences was already in motion before the pandemic hit, Covid-19 has had an unprecedented effect on the way we live, work, socialize, and sell! Unable to meet prospects in person or attend conferences usually key to your sales cycle, the sales professional of this new world has had to adapt.

Among B2B businesses almost 90 percent of sales moved to video, phone, or web sales models. Conferences usually scheduled to take place in person have moved online with virtual sales stalls and webinars.

Sales leaders believe that digital channels are twice as important today compared to pre-Covid and customers have come to expect more from their digital experiences. But with the quick uptake of digital sales strategies and new digital sales tools companies must be careful to stay in touch with customers and their needs.

In order to use digital to the best effect, a human touch is what is needed.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Customer Care

This is where good old fashioned customer-centric values come into play. It's time to really learn about your customer, learn about the problems they might be facing, changes to their business, their needs now, and in the future. Economic setbacks, challenging times, and lockdown weariness mean that now, more than ever is time to go the extra mile for your customers and prospects.

In fact, it's not about making the sale today, it's about maintaining relationships for tomorrow. Support clients and reach out to prospects now, so that when the time comes to expand budgets you're the first person that comes to their mind.

Getting the Balance Right

Tech should enhance your customer interactions, not detract. Video calls can be engaging and phone calls personal.

You can use an in-call assistant, like Ciara, to stay informed about previous discussions and past conversations you might have had with clients. Make sure you never repeat topics, mix up clients, and to ensure you’re the rep that remembered the different challenges your customer was facing, whether you spoke last week or 3 months ago.

Use Zoom and webinars to connect with customers and provide them with useful information and assistance, or shoot them a quick email to check how business is going. Do they need any help or advice, maybe a virtual coffee catch up to discuss upcoming challenges or if you’re lucky upcoming opportunities.

You could also do it the old fashioned way and pick up the phone. Talk to your customers, and really listen. If you opt for personal and combine this with the possibilities of tech, the new sales world is yours for the taking.

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