The Ciara SPOTT Framework

Kourtney Kirton
January 19, 2021

Do you have trouble bringing consistency into your sales team? Have no fear! Ciara's SPOTT Framework is here to help you.

Is your team struggling to meet targets? Are your high-performers starting to underperform?

We feel you. And we know how hard it is to keep a sales team consistent and motivated, and can have consequences if not properly maintained. That’s why we made this simple and easy-to-follow framework to help you keep your sales team upbeat, reaching targets, and overall consistent.

Consistency in sales teams is key.

Having a consistent sales teams can lead to major benefits such as:

  1. Achieving economies of scale with scarce resources such as marketing, IT, and product.
  2. Implementing strategies, tactics, and tools much faster.
  3. Giving and receiving focused feedback around critical issues.

And here’s the best part - all of these have led to sales teams to have an 18% revenue growth YOY. Who doesn’t want that?!

What does SPOTT stand for anyway?

Great question. SPOTT is an acronym for:

  • Scripts
  • Processes
  • Optimism
  • Trainings
  • Technologies

And when you and your team is aligned on these elements, you’ll be SPOTT-on in no time!