The Art of Building Business Relationships that Last

Sophia Obrecht
February 9, 2021

Learn how to build business relationships that last and foster a relationship based selling approach to close more deals today!

Sales is not just about money; it is not even just about closing deals!

To be truly successful in the world of sales and more specifically in remote and inside sales you must build meaningful business relationships that last. In other words you must focus on relationship based selling!

Building strong business relationships is a key part of being a successful sales professional. Better customer interactions have the power to accelerate your sales goals and ultimately close more deals! For this reason relationship based selling is an important approach because it helps to facilitate better business relationships by building trust with a prospect and positioning the sales rep as a product consultant.

There is no doubt that relationship based selling has become more challenging with the trend towards remote sales, and given that for nearly two years it has been difficult to take a client for a working lunch or celebrate closing a deal with after work drinks. But building business relationships virtually is is still possible and should be a high priority for every sales professional. 

In this guide you will learn the art of building business relationships that last and discover the basics of relationship based selling. From initial outreach and qualification calls, to building trust, handling objections and developing the perfect follow up to make sure you’re not left on read, this guide is here to help you spark an initial connection with your prospect and help you close more deals.

In this guide you will learn:

❤️ How to prospect and qualify with customer needs prioritized

❤️ The art of the perfect follow-up: when, where and how

❤️ How to build trust and communication with prospects

❤️ How to develop value propositions to engage your prospects

Download the guide to start winning customer interactions and building business relationships that last!