The 15 Best Sales Questions for Mastering Qualification Calls and Accelerating Sales.

Sophia Obrecht
July 6, 2021

Here are 15 of the best questions to ask in any sales call to speed up sales and close more deals.

People often say that sales is a numbers game... The more sales calls you make, the more deals you close, right?... Wrong. 

If you really want to accelerate your sales success and close more deals you need to focus on the quality of your calls and the caliber of your questions. By asking the right questions at the right stage of your qualification calls, you can cut the amount of time you spend repeating questions or hanging up calls with important information still missing. Added to this, the goal of a qualification call is to better understand if a lead is worth pursuing, asking the right questions will help you save time on leads that have little to no buying potential. 

From understanding your customer’s problem, discovering where the buying power lies, establishing budget and urgency, to the all-important follow-up, here are 15 of the best sales questions you can ask to master qualification calls and accelerate your deals.

Asking the right questions to solve the right problem.

  1. “What are the challenges your company is facing?” – This question helps you determine if your product and your prospect’s problem align in terms of being able to find the right solution. 

  1. “How long have you been experiencing this problem?” – This question helps you determine how long a lead has been experiencing a problem and thereby start to understand how urgent a solution is. 

  1. “What will happen if this problem isn’t solved?” – This question lets you determine how invested a prospect is in solving the said problem and if they are a lead worth pursuing.

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Understanding buying power.

  1. “How are the purchasing decision in your company made, especially with products and services like ours?” – This question helps you determine the overall buying process at the company and the steps you will need to go through to close a deal. 

  1. “Who else needs to be involved in the purchasing decision?” – This question lets you understand the buying dynamics and the other stakeholders involved in the process. (Link to missing decision maker) 

  1. “Would it be alright for you if we schedule a time where we can all discuss the decision-making process together?” – This question lets you see if a lead is able and willing to bring decision-makers together. It can help you move closer to the decision-makers and closer to a deal.

Money, money, money.

  1. “Do you already have a budget allocated for a solution?” – This question helps you determine how close a prospect could be to buying and what their budget is.

  1. “When do you plan on asking for a budget for this solution?” – This question helps you determine how motivated and invested the lead is in buying the solution and the time frame they have for budget allocation. 

  1. “What is the process for approval for investments beyond the allocated budget?” - This question helps you determine the buying process and who is involved in the budget allocation process.

Establish urgency.

  1. “When would you like to see this problem solved?” – This question helps you determine the time frame of a potential deal or a deal in general. 

  1. “Are you currently looking for other solutions to solve this problem?” – This question helps you understand if the lead has researched other solutions and their time investment in solving their problem. 

  1. “When is the latest you’d like to make a decision by?” – This question helps you solidify if a lead is interested in buying a solution to their problem in the immediate future. Is there a possibility they will close by the end of your quarter?


  1. “Are there any questions you still need to ask me”  – This question gives the prospect the opportunity to cover any concerns they might still have. It also lets you get an initial understanding of some of the key barriers that might prevent you from closing a deal later down the line. (Check out our free guide to Objection Handling here)

  1. “Is there any information you need me to repeat or write down for you to forward to your colleagues?”  – This question ensures that both parties end the call with as much information and knowledge as possible.

  1. “Here are the next steps as I see them...are you happy with this? If so let’s touch base again next week. I am available on the following days at the following times. When works for you?”  – This question establishes next steps and to-dos. It ensures everyone is on the same page. By scheduling the next call at the end of your current call you save time and avoid back and forth meeting scheduling. Even if a prospect says they are not sure if your time or date works for them (they say “they’ll get back to you”) schedule the call anyway and encourage them to make time for you.

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