The Guide to Sales Enablement - What, How, and Why

Veronika Traublinger
January 14, 2021

What is sales enablement and how can you implement it? This guide provides you with everything you need to succeed.

Selling is more challenging than ever before. Buyers can find product information, reviews, and pricing online, embarking on as much as 57% of the buyer’s journey alone before ever speaking to a sales rep.

Meaning without a customer-centric approach to selling that is tailored to their prospect’s goals and needs, a sales force can’t succeed.

This is why sales enablement is crucial for today’s sales teams. It is about providing salespeople with the right resources, processes, and technology needed to engage with prospects and customers throughout the buyer’s journey. Sales enablement focuses on the buyer, and the experience sales provides to prospects and customers at every point of engagement to sell more effectively.

And the value of sales enablement is proven. According to Brainsharks Annual Sales Enablement Study, companies with sales enablement see 15% better win rates than those without. 

But what is sales enablement exactly and how can you build a successful sales enablement strategy?

A Guide to Sales Enablement

In our guide to sales enablement, we will give you a complete overview of sales enablement. We are starting by explaining what sales enablement means and will move on to how you can design and implement a sales enablement strategy for your business to grow revenue.