Sales Call Cheat Sheet Collection

Veronika Traublinger
May 20, 2019

With Ciara's Sales Cheat Sheet Collection, you'll get an easy guide on how to have perfect sales calls in every stage of the sales cycle!

Become an Inside Sales Rockstar. With the free Ciara Sales Call Cheatsheet Collection.

Inside sales is starting to play a more important role in companies across the globe. According to Salesforce, inside sales roles have increased by 7% and sales development roles by 6% since 2015. This has two main reasons, first, companies have started operating more globally, and second, modern technology offers handy tools for remote selling (online calling, video conferencing, etc.).

But every step in the inside sales process brings its fair share of challenges. There are many things to consider when talking to a prospect: What are the right questions to ask? How can I best show the benefits of my product when I’m not face-to-face with the potential customer? That's why here at Ciara, we created the Sales Call Cheat Sheet Collection. Every cheat sheet provides you with an actionable checklist for your next call - no matter where you are in the sales cycle.

Sales calls are not that easy.

Every customer is unique which is why sales calls can be very complex and challenging. You need to guide your customer towards your goal and be prepared to toggle between themes and give the right answer to every possible objection. However, with the right preparations and tips and tricks this can be much easier than you might think.

Download this sales call cheat sheet collection to:

  • Receive an overview of the different sales call types.
  • Receive a pre-call checklist to perfectly prepare your calls.
  • Receive a structure for all your sales calls.
  • Receive a collection of best practice quotes for your calls.
  • Receive a checklist for your post-call actions.
  • Receive some general advice on inside sales.