What Is the Benefit of Revenue Operations Software?

Kristina Eventov
November 25, 2021

Revenue Operations Software can help you align your sales, marketing, and customer success operations – here's how.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the latest trend in the sales industry. It is all about centralizing the entire lead generation and sales process to better align sales, marketing, and customer success along the customer lifecycle.

To do so, companies have started to adopt revenue operations platforms that provide a holistic view of every account - from first contact to closing and retention management.

In this article, we will explain how your business can benefit from a sales operations platform.

But before, let’s quickly define what revenue operations software is.

What Is Revenue Operations Software?

Revenue Operations software organizes customer data across tools to provide revenue insights and more accurate revenue forecasts. Revenue teams use RevOps software to gain more visibility into the revenue pipeline, better manage customer accounts, and align all teams involved in the customer lifecycle.

The Revenue Operations platform itself captures buyer and customer interactions across channels, like email, calls, and web conferencing. It then ties this data back to opportunities in your CRM, analyzes it, and gives detailed insights into each opportunity's status, as well as recommended next steps.

Effectively, it understands all aspects of your customer meetings and guides you on how to proceed. With 78% of customers expecting consistent interactions across departments, ensuring a unified process is integral to a better buying experience – and consequently higher conversion rates. 

With all this in mind, let’s dig into the concrete benefits a RevOps software can provide.

Why Should you Invest in a RevOps Platform?

1. Build an end-to-end revenue generation workflow.

Revenue-generating teams often work siloed and isolated from each other, although following the same goal. This lack of collaboration, the use of different tools, and therefore decentralized account data leads to increased effort and frustration.

A revenue operations platform collects all insights from the entire customer lifecycle stage in one central overview. It introduces a set of unified KPIs, processes, and automation that every team (marketing, sales, and customer success) can use.

2. Get better customer data.

Note-taking and updating the CRM are probably two of the least favorite tasks of salespeople. But good and complete data is essential to both, effectively move deals forward and build a successful sales process.

RevOps software collects insights from various customer interactions via phone, video conferencing, and email, and ensures no relevant information gets lost. 

This not only frees up reps’ time for more revenue-generating tasks and reduces frustration caused through tedious admin work, it enables more effective sales processes thanks to comprehensive records of all deals. 

3. Provide better coaching and move more deals across the finish line.

The information about the customer interactions of your sales reps gathered by RevOps platform insights into the performance of your team and potential deal risks. 

You can use the information to provide targeted coaching to your reps and help them move more deals across the finish line.

4. Improve your sales playbook with data.

We already explained that RevOps platforms collect information on all customer interactions along the sales cycle. 

By looking at the data you can learn where most prospects drop out of the sales process, which pitch works best, or how the ideal customer looks like.

Those insights help you identify weaknesses in the sales process and constantly improve them. 

5. Create more accurate forecasts.

Better visibility into your process and pipeline also allows you to generate more accurate forecasts. 

You know exactly how many opportunities are in your pipeline and where they stand. Together with your sales metrics, this lets you derive how many deals your team will probably close next week, month, or quarter.

Making your revenue goals more predictable lets you take timely action in case you deviate from your goals, adjust your strategy, or resources. 

What is the right RevOps software for your team?

By now, there are already dozens of different RevOps platforms on the market. Everyone comes with their own strengths and weaknesses and is hard to say which is the best.

When looking for the right one for your sales organization, here are some things to watch out for:

  • To be able to collect data from other tools in your sales tech stack, make sure the platform provides integrations to your CRM and other relevant tools (such as email and conversation intelligence tools).
  • Check their pricing plans but keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best. Rather ensure that the plan includes all relevant functionality, fits your current team size, and provides you room for growth.
  • Go with the sales rep you trust. If you don’t feel understood and valued in the sales process this probably won’t change once you made the purchase. 

Manage Opportunities to Close with Ciara.

With Ciara’s Revenue Operations platform, you get insights into your deals, pipeline, and team. Ciara ensures your customer data is always up-to-date, meaning you’re left with a true picture of what is really happening and a clear idea of how to get more deals over the finish line.

Each deal made in Ciara automatically gets its own deal dashboard. Simply put, you get a holistic overview of deal activity at a glance

Ciara also has a built-in video conferencing tool. This allows guiding sales reps live in their customer interactions with relevant talking points, battlecards for customer objections, and monologue alerts. 

And no matter how the deal goes, you can rest assured that Ciara has captured everything – from topics covered, to notes made – and you even get an AI-generated summary at the end of each call. (And yes, everything is instantly synced to your CRM).

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