Remote Sales: 4 Tactics to Help Boost Communication in Global SaaS Sales Teams

Sophia Obrecht
November 2, 2020

Learn how to boost communication and optimize information exchange in global SaaS sales teams.

Communicating across time zones and oceans is not an easy feat, especially when managing a dynamic Global SaaS Sales team. Technology has bridged many gaps that have previously slowed communication in transatlantic teams, but that doesn't mean that communication and knowledge exchange always runs smoothly.

Check out our 4 tactics to help boost communication in your global sales team.

Bridge the language gap

One of the biggest challenges when managing a global SaaS sales team is bridging the language and culture gap between teams. Interpreting communication via Zoom or video calls makes language gaps even more prominent given that it's hard to read body language and non-verbal signs of communication.

In many global situations, English might be the dominant business language. In order to make sure non-natives speakers get the same airtime as fluent speakers, it’s important to instill some tactics to balance out communication in virtual meetings.

Start by asking native-speakers sales to slow down and avoid using slang or idioms. Ask non-natives to consciously speak up or set goals for the number of comments they should make during a meeting where appropriate, and make sure in every situation that non-native speakers feel comfortable to say when they don't understand something - put yourself in their shoes taking a meeting in a second language is no easy feat.

Take cultural differences into account

In the same sense make sure to take cultural differences into account when communicating with global teams and never make assumptions about how or what someone is communicating. For instance, some nationalities might stereotypically be more direct when giving feedback and others might not be.

Make sure you use follow-up questions to determine someone’s tone, meaning, and intention before making assumptions, that way everyone remains on the same page and there are no miscommunications between teams and individual sales reps.

Lead by example

As a sales leader not only are you a manager and motivator but you are also a mentor and coach. This means that to get the best out of your global SaaS team you should lead by example and encourage an environment of growth and information exchange.

Make it possible for your sales reps whether on-site, remote or in other global locations to sit in on your customer calls, almost like a virtual sales ride-along. If your sales reps can see something to aim towards, productivity and an appetite for growth will follow.

This might mean allowing sales reps to shadow your Zoom calls or simply sharing your meeting summaries, recording, and transcripts with your sales teams in order to help them better understand how the master (that’s you) closes deals or simply interacts with important clients.

Encourage an environment for information exchange

Of course, this also works in reverse, try sitting in or looking into meeting summaries from your global or remote sales teams to better understand the market in which they are working and the challenges they might be facing.

You can use an in-call assistant like Ciara to automatically sync your meeting summaries to your CRM or share them with your team through a different channel of your choice...why not create a monthly round-up of the top 5 calls made by your team this month. With Ciara, you can ask your most successful sales reps to share their summaries and objection handling cards to create a learning and exchange environment that places team success and productivity over individual gratification.

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