Ciara's Prospecting Toolkit

Veronika Traublinger
September 20, 2019

Download Ciara's Prospecting Toolkit now and get started prospecting like never before!

Make prospecting something you’re excited to do.

We know that it can be difficult to find new prospects.

So, we created this guide to ensure that you are clear and organized when you’re prospecting new customers. A good first impression makes all the difference.

With Ciara’s Prospecting Toolkit, you’ll get super useful templates that will definitely help you out!

What you’ll get in this toolkit.

  • How to Use the Prospecting Toolkit [PDF]
  • Buyer Profile Template [PPT]
  • Daily Prospecting Schedule [PPT]
  • Prospecting Call Talk Track [PDF]
  • Prospecting Frameworks [PDF]
  • Voicemail Scripts [PDF]

We hope you enjoy, and feel free to share with your colleagues!