Prepare Your Winning Demo Call in 4 Simple Steps

Sophia Obrecht
August 6, 2021

Let’s look at how you can prepare for a winning demo call. Ensure everything runs smoothly and successfully with our 4 foolproof steps.

The path to the perfect demo call doesn't always run smooth, but we've put together these 4 simple steps to help you prepare for every product demo call. From setting goals before a demo call, to enhancing your product demo with the right storytelling these tips will help you bring your product closer to your prospect for more sales success!

1. Set a goal for your demo call.

As with any other sales conversation you need to establish the goals of your demo call to start your preparation phase.The main goal of any product demo is to show your prospect how your product and its features will solve their challenges in order to get them to buy! It is important to establish what features you want to highlight in particular but also determine what your ideal next steps are following the product demo. Is your prospect ready to sign on the dotted line after a good demo call, or will you have to nurture them further, bring in another decision-maker e.c.t. Thinking about these things will help you better prepare your pitch and storytelling.

2. Personalize the product demo.

A demo call allows you to show exactly what your product can do so be specific and tailor your pitch to your prospect. To do this you must think about your prospect’s pain points and a couple of value propositions in response. This way you can begin to tailor your pitch and product demo.

Remember a good overview of your product and what it can do is always important but if a prospect fails to see their use case in any of the flashy features you demo they simply won’t buy!

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing your value propositions for a demo call and tailoring your pitch to your prospect:

1. Where do they work? What is the company and the industry? What are the key challenges/trends in this industry at the moment?

2. Who is your contact person? What is their role in the team? Do they have buying power? Will they benefit from your product personally or will the product benefit other team members?

3. What has the company or contact been posting or liking on LinkedIn? Is there any important news you should keep in mind or bring into the conversation?

4. What previous interactions have you had with this client? What insights do you already have? What have you discussed before? Is there a feature they were particularly interested in? What do you have left to discuss to get closer to a closed deal?

3. Work on your storytelling.

Telling the right story with your demo call is essential to close the deal! While a product demo should spotlight your product and its key features, the story you tell around these features is just as important. Remember to focus on the big picture benefits of your product and frame the value proposition of your solution in the scope of bigger industry trends.

When you’re preparing how to tell an effective success story for your prospect remember to bring in other customer case studies and proof points. How have other customers used the product? How did certain features affect productivity, revenue, accuracy?

A good demo story should shed light on a prospect’s pain points, center a proposed solution that includes your product, and should be backed up with a similar success story from an existing customer!

4. Rehearse and test your product.

Before you start your meeting take an hour or more to rehearse your demo call. Even if you’re a demo call pro, it helps to practice for each prospect and work on your personalization as you go through each feature of the product.

Testing the product before your call will help you become more fluent with the product but it can help you pick up on any technical bugs that could ruin your pitch - this is especially true if you are demoing newly released features!

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