New Year's Sales Goals for 5 Top Frontline Sellers

Sophia Obrecht
January 19, 2021

Not sure how to reach your New Years Sales Goals? Check out how these top sales reps plan to reach new sales heights in 2021.

A new year full of opportunities, the question is are you ready to take on new challenges and achieve new heights?

We asked 5 top sales reps what their New Year's Sales Goals are and how they wanted to reach these goals so that you might find some inspiration. From building stronger relationships with customers, nurturing their LinkedIn network to starting their very own sales podcasts these sales reps know what they need to do to succeed in sales this year. Do you?

Jesse Broekx, Sales Development @ Dynatrace

“I think it's important that what we do at Dynatrace helps our customers. So what I would like to achieve is that I build more relationships, understand customers better and help them be more successful by taking some work off their plate. I will do this by building my own brand on LinkedIn and get people to know Dynatrace that way.” 

Chandler Johnson, BDR @ Asite 

" Going into the New Year, my goal is to grow my network with the Construction industry. Joining a new industry during a pandemic has made it challenging to develop connections and network efficiently. I hope to achieve this by leveraging tools like LinkedIn and virtual networking events as well. Hopefully I will be able to attend conferences and trade shows again soon!"

JoBeth Hanak, BDR @ Zilliant

“Professionally, in 2021 I hope to have my first few customers close and to also start listening to more podcasts on pricing and sales. There's always something to learn! Personally, I am working on spending less time on social media and more time on reading and painting, two of my favorite hobbies."

Harry Hindess, SDR @ SalesScreen

“In 2021 I'm planning to start a bitesize podcast sharing actionable tactics from sales development professionals. To do this I need to leverage my network and learn all there is to learn on podcasting. On top of that I plan to continue hitting target and developing my skills to move into a closing role in 2021.”

Konstantin Bachmann Sales Manager @ Ciara 

"Understanding customers’ environment and challenges is paramount to any business relationship.This is why I will focus on building consultative connections to make sure I understand the relevant context and challenges potential clients face. I will aim to do this through constant research and educating myself on my target verticals. In combination with quality-over-quantity outreach this will be key to sustainable customer growth."

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