In-Call Assistants: What are they and how can they Boost the Productivity of Remote and Inside Sales Teams

Veronika Traublinger
November 9, 2020

From boosting productivity to optimizing communications, find out how an in-call assistant is the sales tool you've been missing.

Back at the beginning of April 2020, Lauren Bailey told us in an interview that she thinks in ten years we won't call it inside sales anymore, but just sales.

Due to COVID-19, it didn't take 10 years, but only weeks until hardly every sales team converted into an inside or remote sales team.

With a new way of sales also came a fair share of new challenges. Missing onboarding and training possibilities, reduced deal oversights, or bad team alignment - if you're working in sales, you probably know what I'm talking about.

That's why we're building an in-call assistant, helping you to overcome all those challenges with ease and build a resilient sales force.

What is an in-call assistant?

An in-call assistant is like your co-pilot for customer interactions. It captures your sales conversations run by any common call or web conferencing software. Capturing not only means recording and transcribing the call but also extracting the essential parts of the conversation. Then it creates a summary and shows in-depth analytics to define the next best actions in the sales journey. This way, it guides you from the first conversation until the closed deal while always providing a holistic customer overview and never missing a step.

The feature set of an in-call assistant include:

  • Live recording and transcription of conversations across all standard call and web conferencing services.
  • Real-time highlighting marking the important conversation parts in the transcript.
  • Automated conversations summaries.
  • Auto data-sync to all common CRM systems.
  • Digital conversation templates showing an interactive call agenda and ensuring that no critical topic gets missed.
  • Objection Battlecards providing you with the necessary information right when you need it.
  • Smooth note-taking possibilities to note down important information and thoughts.
  • Analytics of the conversation, including call duration, the share of conversation, topics discussed, and more.

6 Reasons why your Sales Development team should be using an in-call assistant.

1. Shorter sales cycles

Forgetting is human. But to forget asking essential questions in a qualification call can lead to longer sales cycles and, in the worst-case, wasting time on non-relevant prospects and missing quota. With Ciara by your side, you will never miss a step and can vastly shorten your sales cycle and ensure your energy is focused on the right deals.

2. Total visibility

Ciara captures all your customer interactions on the phone, web conferencing, and VoIP. And this along the whole pipeline. From the first qualification call until regular check-ins with your colleagues from customer success. That means that you can decide your next steps based on the naked truth.

3. Market insights

What are your customers saying? What are the most common objections? What are real deal-breakers, and what can you overcome? The answer is in the conversation. And Ciara makes it available for you.

4. Better team alignment

A smooth customer journey can make the difference between winning and losing a deal. So a smooth handover from SDR to AE and precise documentation of customer interactions is critical. Ciara takes care of that by creating a structured summary of every conversation and syncing it with your CRM.

5. Sustainable sales training

Have you ever paid thousands of dollars for sales training just that your team has a pile of papers that will land in the bin sooner or later? Ciara lets you make training information available in a sustainable and practicable way. Everything learned can be put into action with Ciara's smart conversation templates and objection battlecards. Ciara is your 24/7 real-time sales coach.

6. Faster onboarding

Drastically reduce ramp time by using conversation templates and objection battlecards to guide new reps in their calls. Provide them with call recordings of your best agents and use their personal ones for efficient 1on1 coaching. That means faster quota attainment. Better retention rates. No more call shadowing.

Sounds exciting, and you want to share it with your team? Check out our In-call assistant one-pager. It summarizes the most critical capabilities and benefits of an in-call assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions - You have Questions. We have Answers.

How do I set up call recording with Ciara?

Ciara uses smart integrations with your web conferencing and phone systems to detect calls that need to be recorded. It takes less than 30 minutes to connect Ciara to all your relevant systems, and it's all automatic from there.

Is Ciara compliant with our Privacy Policy?

Compliance is a big deal. Whether it be data retention or recording consent - we've got your back.

EU and some US countries require that both parties on a call must be notified that the call is being recorded and actively agree. That's why we show a consent checkbox as default for every call, regardless of your customers' location. You can find detailed information in our guide on "Record and Transcribe your Calls GDPR Compliant with Ciara."

Does Ciara integrate with my tools?

Ciara integrates with all the tools of your sales team's tech stack (CRM software, web conferencing systems, VoIP). These include Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoom, and Twilio. On top of that, we're working on new integrations all the time - Upcoming integrations include Google Calendar and MS Teams.

For which languages does Ciara work?

The Ciara conversation templates and objections battlecards can be set up in whatever language you need. However, the transcription service only works for English and German conversations.

How much does Ciara cost?

We build the perfect package for your business based upon current needs and team size. Reach out to our export team to discuss all possible options via email or book a call.

Convinced? Boost your remote sales success with Ciara!

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