How To to Have a Conversation About Mental Health with Your Sales Team

October 7, 2020

This in-call template gives you a run-through of best practices and questions to help you start a conversation on mental health in sales.

About the conversation template.

Many of us still feel awkward bringing up the topic of mental health at work, particularly in the high-pressure environment of sales. According to a 2019 UNcrushed survey, 67% of sales professionals are close to experiencing burnout, while 60% say they feel they will be viewed negatively if they speak up about their mental health issues.

But having ‘the Talk’ about mental health with your sales team is vital! Now more than ever sales reps risk feeling isolated and anxious with the added stress of the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges that come with remote sales: not only does this impact individual health and wellbeing, it can also impact productivity and success at work. This template is designed to help sales leaders and their teams start talking about mental health.

Download the template to find out:

🧠 what are the signs of mental illness,

💬 how to approach a conversation with a sales colleague,

❓ what questions to ask,

✏️ what next steps you can take together.

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