How to Stay on Top of Prospects

Marlise Schneider
June 4, 2020

Check out our tips here to help you and your team spruce up your prospecting methods!

Staying on top of prospects is both a science and an art - something that can be taught and repeated, but also requires a certain level of intuition. You never want to annoy a prospect by over-communicating, but you also don’t want to lose them because you didn’t stay top-of-mind or make them feel appreciated enough. So, we came up with some tips to help you stay on top of your prospects without being over the top! Feel free to use them for yourself or share them with your sales team.

1. Social media is your friend!

Don’t pass up on the opportunity to use today’s technological methods to approach prospects. Let’s face it - we all use social media. However, what’s important to know here is which social media is appropriate for prospecting. Sales leaders find the most success on two specific platforms: LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for networking and allows professionals to connect, interact, and share ideas. It’s also a great place to prospect. Make sure you always send a personal message with a connection request. It’s also great practice to comment and interact with posts of prospects. Show them you’re interested in more than just a deal.
  • Twitter makes it possible to reach thousands of people with just one tweet. It’s easy to spread information quickly through retweets and replies. Twitter is one of the best ways to remain current on hot topics. Conversations that occur on Twitter are often happening in real time and cover current events. Twitter messages are less overcrowded than LinkedIn and, therefore, are possibly more likely to be checked and answered. It’s important to remember that Twitter DMs are similar to LinkedIn, but can be a little more casual. However, one pro tip is to include something personal about recent activity or a prospect’s bio to show you put in effort.

2. New product launches are a great reason to reach out to a prospect.

Instead of simply saying you have a product that might interest them, you can inform them of a specific, exciting feature that just launched. It’s a friendly, non-invasive way to prospect. The advantage of this is that a prospect may require that particular functionality, which will spark their interest in the product as a whole. Furthermore, launching a new product feature on social media will help keep your followers aware of what’s happening with the product, which might draw more attention and improve the reputation of your brand.

3. Use video messaging to your advantage

Video messaging has been cited as a highly effective method of communicating with prospects. Not only are video messages more personal than written messages, they are also more interesting and interactive. Seeing a video message in your inbox will catch much more attention than a few lines of generic text. Furthermore, similar to the relationship between a cover letter and interview, videos allow you to pitch your personality and demeanor alongside the product. They give the prospect an idea of who you are and how it will feel to work with you. Just make sure the video message is well thought out and not too long! Less is more in video messaging.

4. Always, always, always make it personal!

Personal communication applies to all of the above. It’s always imperative to do some preliminary research on a potential client. Social media makes it easier than ever to personalize your messaging. Here’s an example that includes all three of the tips above, plus this one.

Let’s say you’re launching a new feature of your product and your target group is SDRs in the marketing technology sector. You use a list of top sales influencers around #MarTech on Twitter to find prospects to reach out to. Look through their bios and recent tweets to identify some personal information. Maybe they’re a fan of Star Wars or are obsessed with coffee.

Use that information to construct a personal reach out where you reference one of those details. This outreach can be done over Twitter or LinkedIn. You can either privately message or tag a prospect on Twitter. On LinkedIn, it’s recommended to make a short video about the new feature of your product. Try to stay relevant to their company and even mention how the feature could help them personally in their role. Show you did your research. Use the right reach out tools. And don’t be afraid to get personal!

There are a million different ways to find new prospects and it’s always a good idea to take a look at what is working and what is not in your sales team and constantly reevaluate! Don’t reinvent the wheel - but do make adjustments that will work in your favor. Now, go get prospecting!