How to Have Winning Sales Calls to Close More Deals

Sophia Obrecht
July 22, 2021

Level up your sales conversations with our in-depth guide on how to have winning sales calls to close more deals.

Master the art of effective sales conversations!

41% of sales reps agree that customer conversations are the most effective sales tools available to them, so it is crucial that you nail every interaction. To close deals sales reps need to win sales calls and connect with customers from the first “hello”. But effective sales conversations and winning sales conversations are not always easy, it takes patience, practice, and perseverance.

To help you on your path to effective sales conversations we've put together our guide on "How to Have Winning Sales Calls to Close More Deals". This Ciara guide will give you the 101 on what it means to have winning sales calls with actionable advice on how to have top-notch and effective sales conversations with prospects to boost your sales success.

What's inside?

  • The anatomy of a winning sales call.
  • The process of objection handling.
  • Why your “check-in” calls are a waste of time.
  • Samantha McKenna on the power of meaningful sales conversations.

Learn how to win deals every time you pick up the phone.

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