How to Have the Perfect Qualification Call

Sophia Obrecht
February 15, 2021

Want to learn how to perfect your qualification calls? Check our guide with insights on using the CHAMP framework for your calls.

Do you want to shorten your sales cycles and close more deals? Fed up with pursuing leads that lead you nowhere?


When it comes to prospects it’s time to prioritize quality over quantity. Qualification calls can help you do just that by making sure you get all the right information from a lead to decide if you should move them forward in the sales process.


Check out our guide on How to Have the Perfect Qualification Call.


What’s in the Guide?


👉      Why is a qualification call critical to your sales process?

👉      What are the goals of a qualification call?

👉      How to use the CHAMP framework to structure the perfect qualification call.  

👉      Tips and Tricks to engage with prospects.