What Is the Right Type of Sales Enablement Software for You?

Veronika Traublinger
April 16, 2021

Learn what type of sales enablement software is the right one for your challenges, team size, and sales processes.

As a sales leader, your goal is to increase revenue. You want to enable your sales team to close more deals efficiently by equipping them with the right resources. 

But how can you do that?

This is where sales enablement software comes into play. 

Sales enablement software allows your team to manage and access resources from a central location at any point with ease. G2 defines sales enablement as follows: 

“Sales enablement software provides a repository for marketing collateral and sales playbooks to supply sales representatives with content that is productive, useful, and opportune during all aspects of the selling cycle.”

Learn more about the basics of sales enablement with our definitive guide.

But an increased complexity of the sales process, a multi-channel, digital sales approach, and a large number of sales enablement software vendors out there, have made finding the right tool for one's needs complex.  

That’s why we want to introduce you to the 4 types of sales enablement software, each having their own strengths and core functionalities to help your business accelerate sales success. Depending on your sales team’s size, challenges, and processes you may find some solutions are a better fit than others.

Sales content management software.

Sales content management platforms are a centralized repository for sales and marketing teams to create, organize, and access sales-relevant content. It helps reps to find relevant content for their deals, easy and fast.

The integrated analytics in the platforms allow you to track the usage and engagement of the content, allowing you to consistently increase content quality, detect content gaps, and improve sales efficiency. 

The challenge to solve with sales content management software.

You have trouble organizing and accessing relevant content and align your sales and marketing team to build an effective sales funnel? Then a sales content management software is the right solution for your team. You can create content, organize them into relevant categories, make it easily accessible and track how prospects engage with it.

Leading sales content management systems include:

Sales engagement software.

Sales engagement platforms function as centralized tools for sales reps to interact with their customers via various channels. By integrating their separate communication channels such as email and LinkedIn, they can oversee all their digital sales-related activities.

Most sales engagement platforms also allow you to create automated workflows and sequences for scalable outreach and prospect nurturing campaigns.

The tools also provide analytics on how effective different channels and sequences are, so they can be continuously improved.

The challenge to solve with sales engagement software.

If you’re trying to increase the productivity and efficiency of your prospecting efforts, a sales engagement platform is the perfect sales enablement tool for you. You can track the most effective outreach tactic and implement a scalable process with automated sequences and workflows.

Leading sales engagement platforms include:

Sales training software.

To successfully close a deal, sales reps need to be able to add value to the buyer’s journey and function as a trusted advisor. Therefore, regular sales and soft skill training is essential. To make those trainings more sustainable, sales training software allows you to reinforce what has been learned using online practice and coaching assessments.

Some sales training platforms also allow users to record “practice takes” of their sales pitch and share it with peers or their managers for feedback.

The challenge to solve with sales training providers and software.

If you’re struggling with training your remote sales force regularly and cost efficient, you should implement a sales training software. It helps you to provide your team with up-to-date training content which they can consume whenever they have time from wherever they are.  

Leading sales training platforms are:

Conversation intelligence software.

G2 describes Conversation Intelligence (CI) Software as a tool that “records, transcribes, and analyzes sales calls.” CI software gives an overview of keywords and topics discussed in a call and lets sales reps quickly jump to specific sections of the conversation to collect further insights. Businesses mainly use CI software to coach and onboard sales representatives on best practices and identify risky topics in a conversation.

Conversation Intelligence tools are closely related to sales coaching software.

To summarize, Conversation Intelligence makes recordings of sales calls (that used to live in a black box that hardly anyone had access to) available quickly and smartly. It used modern technology like machine learning to identify and surface valuable data that would otherwise remain unknown.

CI comes with a lot of benefits for every member of the sales team. In the next part of this guide, we will give you insights into the perks of using Conversation Intelligence software for sales reps, revenue leaders, sales enablement, and sales operation professionals.

The challenge to solve with sales training providers and software.

If your challenge is in collecting meaningful data of your customer interactions, sales acceleration assistants are the right tool for you. They automatically capture insights from customer conversations, understand their context, and derive insights and action recommendations from them. 

Leading conversation intelligence platforms are:

What is your biggest challenge?

There you go. These are the 4 main types of sales enablement software.

When looking for a sales enablement tool, start by evaluating your biggest challenges and decide where you need the most help with.

If you need support in the process of finding and purchasing the right solution, feel free to check out our article on “How to choose sales acceleration software for your team.” Although focusing on sales acceleration software, the described process can be easily transferred to finding a sales enablement software.