Expert Predictions for B2B Sales in 2021

Veronika Traublinger
January 7, 2021

How can you win new customers in 2021? We asked leading B2B sales experts on the trends and winning sales strategies for the new year!

It’s finally here - 2021! 2020 was tumultuous and definitely not how we thought it would be - it was a ride through reinventing ourselves, re-evaluating what’s important, and learning to create connections across digital channels.

But it’s time to look forward now and get your sales team on track for a successful year.

To help you achieve sales success in the new year, we asked leading sales experts about their 2021 sales predictions. What are the sales trends? How will you win customers in 2021? Here is what they said!

"Loosely connected, trusted networks will be everything in the near future. The volume created by automated outreach is killing the golden goose of email. 'Cut-through' will be made through warm referral or being part of an affinity group (online association or personal identity)."

- Matt Cameron, Sales Leadership at SalesOpsCentral and SaaSy Sales Leadership

“There are two things that aren't necessarily new, but that will be more relevant than ever in 2021. 

No. 1: True actual hyper-personalization for cold outreach. Meaning doing custom videos personalized to the persona, so the person has a greater impact on results. Generic templates just won’t cut it.

No. 2: As a B2B salesperson, it’s important to have a marketing mindset and really build a personal brand on places like LinkedIn. So when you are doing outreach, all your content (emails, dm’s, video content, LinkedIn posts) is nurturing the prospect and helps you stand out in a competitive market. A strong personal brand will become absolute king for B2B salespeople!”

- Marcus A. Chan, President and Founder at Venli Consulting Group LLC

“Personalisation is key now and as we go into 2021. Do your homework, do your research, and start showing your prospects why you genuinely believe you can help them, not that you just want to sell them something.”

- Daniel Disney, Founder at The Daily Sales, Keynote Speaker, and Social Selling Trainer

“We will see a dramatic uplift in hiring for inside sales teams and propagation of such teams across the SaaS sales ecosystem. All SaaS executives became inside sales executives in 2020 to the greater part. Even the most senior level sales executive has been in a predominately inside sales role, using Collaboration to meet. At the minimum, they are on the phone an awful lot more.”

- Paul French, Director at Intrinsic Executive Search Ltd.

“I believe that we are going to move into an impression world, where it’s not about: “Hey, I want to talk to you.” “Let me get 15 minutes of your schedule.” And hammering people with this pitch. It’s going to be a lot more around omnichannel ABM - email, video, social, or whatever it is - where they hear us in all those different channels, and we make positive impressions. Constantly being out there, sharing content, asking questions - that’s where I see things moving.“

- John Barrows, CEO at JBarrows Sales Training

So, let’s summarize: B2B sales in 2021 will be dominated by personalized, omnichannel outreach. A personal brand will help you to cut through the noise and achieve your individual sales goals. 

What are your predictions and strategies for 2021? Let us know on Twitter!