5 Digital Selling Expert Tips to Help you Smash your Quota (online)

Veronika Traublinger
August 31, 2020

Digital sales is a must in every modern sales strategy. But how do you successfully sell digital? Let's see what experts recommend.

Digital selling is all about building a relationship through digital platforms. It’s the process of leveraging digital channels to find, engage, and connect with prospects. Many people also describe digital selling as social selling. But although social selling is a big part of the digital sales process, digital selling includes other activities such as sales automation, online presentations, or CRM operations.

Digital selling has become more and more critical over the past years. And since COVID-19, travel restrictions and conference bans have moved EVERYTHING online.

But with prospects being bombarded with dozens of sales emails and LinkedIn requests each day, you have to have a clear strategy to cut through the clutter.

We asked five sales experts about their number one advice for digital selling to help you engage with your prospects and crash your quota!

Dipak Vadera I Sales Manager at Leadfeeder

If you want to significantly improve your chances of getting a response to your outreach on Linkedin, personalise and tailor your approach for a meaningful impact. Have a look at your prospect's LinkedIn profile; what are they working on, what are their goals & objectives, what have they been posting, etc.

Chances are, you're not the only one trying to get your prospect's attention. Stand out by making that message relevant for them. If you want someone's time, be willing to invest some of yours.

Patrick Joyce I Business Development Manager at Ekata

In order to be successful as a sales rep you need to be able to build a pipeline, and in order to do that you need simple and short messaging. Focus acutely on the prospects' pain and the fact that you have a solution, reference a customer with a similar case, and ask them the way you'd ask your friend the next time you'll hang out. Do that 30 times a day and you'll be the top rep anywhere you go.

Timothy (Tim) Hughes I CEO and Co-founder at DLA ignite 

The number one thing to do in sales and marketing is to differentiate, be different, stand out. The last thing you want to do in sales and marketing is be the same as everybody else, you are just “another person”. Did you know there are 1,053,596 people with the summary title, “Marketing Manager”. This literally makes you; one in a million!

Dionne Mischler I Founder at Inside Sales by Design

My no. 1 piece of advice is to (still)! make the interactions and outreach about the other person. Less “I” statements and more “you” statements! And make it fun!

Elinor Stutz I Founder of Smooth Sale and Author of “Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results”

A common error is to rush the sale; even on LI, it's evident people do not initially read my profile before reaching out.

Salespeople do best by first considering why will my prospect be interested in what I have to offer? And, when you get to have a sales conversation, confirm the answer by asking your prospective client why they are taking the time to connect with you. Ask the question, 'what caught your interest in spending time with me today?'

Selling digitally might be completely new for some of you. Maybe because you just started your first job or because you’re working in a more conservative industry where sales mainly consisted of in-person customer meetings. But it’s inevitable that, to succeed in today’s world, companies must leverage digital solutions in their sales strategy. And with those experts tips, we’re confident that you’ll manage it with ease.

Thanks again to all the sales professionals and experts that shared their insights with us! Keeping that in mind, succeeding in digital selling is easy as pie.

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