Deal Maps: The Basis for a Goal-Driven, Scalable Deal Management Process

Veronika Traublinger
July 27, 2021

Get an introduction to deal maps and how they can help you create an efficient deal management process.

In the past, sales processes used to be linear. Salespeople have been able to sway a single person to close the deal. But organizations have become more complex, and so has the sales process. 

The fundamental truth about today’s sale: It’s no longer about convincing the one.

There is an entire group of decision-makers - each with different goals and priorities. Salespeople have to demonstrate value and urgency to each decision-maker to win the deal, and the process can take weeks if not months.

As a result of these increasingly complex deal processes, salespeople struggle to stay on track, involve all the decision-makers, and uncover all the relevant information.

There had to be a way to efficiently manage complex deal processes. 

Deal Maps: The Efficient Way to Manage Your Deal Process

That’s why at Ciara we created the deal map. But what is the deal map?

  1. An overview of all the important topics and information that you need to cover during the buying cycle.
  2. It provides real-time deal insights, always showing the deal’s status quo, including notes, meeting transcripts, and next steps.
  3. It shows you at a glance why a steal might be stalling.

Today, there is a deal map for every major deal we’re working on. This strategy is an integral part of our sales process and has revolutionized how we approach new deals.

Make Your Customer Data Usable.

Your CRM holds a lot of information on your (prospective) customers. The problem is, it’s not very organized or usable.

  • The information is often incomplete because reps neither have the time nor the inclination to document everything in a CRM.
  • The data is spread over several objects in your CRM, making it nearly impossible to get a holistic overview.
  • Dozens of rows of data make it hard to identify crucial information.

To summarize: it doesn’t outline an accurate picture of the deal and therefore does not help a rep to effectively move the deal forward.

When all the information is organized in a deal map, reps can stay on track of their deals and fill in the gaps. 

Track Your Deal Progress in Real-Time.

A deal map holds a holistic overview of the deal, helping you keep track of the buyers’ challenges, needs, and organizational setup. If your reps start building it as soon as they start working on a deal, the map becomes an essential source of information throughout the deal cycle.

Pulling crucial insights directly from customer meetings through voice intelligence, the deal map constantly gets updated in real-time. It enables the rep to document customer interactions automatically, significantly increasing productivity.

Deal maps are also an excellent resource for 1-on-1’s and pipeline reviews. Reps are more confident and better able to communicate their work, showing exactly where the deal stands. Sales leaders can identify where additional coaching is needed, point out deal risks, and suggest next steps.

Handoff Sales Deals Seamlessly.

Especially in the SaaS environment, splitting up sales teams into sales development, account management, and customer success is very common, meaning deals have several owners throughout the deal cycle. 

Each time a deal changes hands, the new rep has to spend time and energy digging through CRM data to try and understand the deal. And even then, the rep misses insider information the previous rep had learned about an organization.

Deal maps make handoffs between SDRs and AEs or AEs and the Customer Success team seamless. With just one glance at the deal map, the new rep can see the deal’s history and current status and then jump into moving the deal forward as soon as they get the handover.

Optimize Your Deal Management Process.

It’s incredible to see the difference deal mapping has made for our organization. We can easily navigate complex deals, and sales efficiency has significantly increased.

You’ve seen the value; now create your own deal maps to keep your entire sales team aligned on every deal in your pipeline.