Challenger Sales for Start-Ups

Sophia Obrecht
May 27, 2021

Our Challenger Sales webinar provides actionable advice to build sales conversations and to tailor your pitch to resonate with prospects.

Based on the findings of the largest B2B sales studies ever done, 40% of high sales performers used the Challenger Sales Approach to close more deals!

What is the Challenger sales model?

The term “Challenger sales” was coined in 2011 when Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson published the book “The Challenger Sale: How To Take Control of the Customer Conversation.”

For their book, they researched the attitudes and behaviors of thousands of sales reps and discovered that they fall into one of five distinct profiles:

  • The Hard Worker
  • The Relationship Builder
  • The Lone Wolf
  • The Problem Solver
  • The Challenger

The Challenger Has a different view of the world, understands the customer’s business, loves to debate, pushes the customer to get out of their comfort zone. By encouraging their customers to consider new opportunities, the Challenger can offer an alternative way forward.

The Challenger sales method relies on delivering insight about an unknown problem or opportunity in the customer’s business that the supplier is uniquely positioned to solve.

It captures a prospect’s assumptions or beliefs, pinpoints flaws or untruths in them, and then makes room for a sales rep to offer a better solution.

Research has found that challenging customer assumptions, disrupting their thinking, and teaching them something new can help boost sales.

Close more deals with the Challenger sales methodology.

In this webinar, Ciara founder Martin Heibel and Project A’s Raul Porojan and Corinne Herberg discuss how to adopt a Challenger sales approach in your startup to empower top-performing reps to close even the most complex deals in their funnel.

In the webinar, you will learn:

🎓 The basics of Challenger Sales.

🚀 Why Challenger Sales is an effective approach for startup sales teams.

🗣 How to use the Challenger Approach in your sales calls.

🏆 Challenger Sales for sales management & training.