Challenger Sales for Start-Ups

Sophia Obrecht
May 27, 2021

Our Challenger Sales webinar provides actionable advice to build sales conversations and to tailor your pitch to resonate with prospects.

Based on the findings of the largest B2B sales studies ever done, 40% of high sales performers used the Challenger Sales Approach to close more deals!

In this webinar Ciara founder Martin Heibel is joined by Project A's Raul Porojan and Corinne Herberg as they discuss how you can use Challenger Sales to sell more successfully.

In the webinar you will learn:

🎓 The basics of Challenger Sales.

🚀 Why Challenger Sales is an effective approach for start-up sales teams.

🗣 How to use the Challenger Approach in your sales calls.

🏆 Challenger Sales for sales management & training.

Watch the webinar on demand here: