Building A Successful Inside Sales Team

Martin Heibel
February 26, 2020

Watch our webinar with Dionne Mischler & find out the 5 key fundamentals that you need to nail in order to achieve inside sales success!

Inside sales has grown by more than 300% in recent years.

That’s a staggering statistic. And it’s true! Inside sales is growing massively, and won’t stop any time soon. So, it's about time we get to grips with the difference between inside and outside sales, what it means for sales teams, and start understanding how we can achieve inside sales success.

What Is Inside Sales?

Essentially, inside sales is the term for sales that takes place over the phone, via email, or other online platforms, and does not entail in-person contact.

Conversely, outside sales is the form of sales that does not take place in the office. Salespeople travel by car, or other transportation methods, directly to their prospects to perform in-person sales discussions.

Nowadays? All sales is inside sales.

Building a Successful Team in Inside Sales.

Whether you're a startup, a SaaS company,  an outside turned inside sales rep, or just a sales leader doing their best to adapt to changing times, you're probably wondering how you can foster and build success in your inside sales team.

So, join sales experts Dionne Mischler and Martin Heibel in this 30-minute webinar to learn the fundamentals of building an inside sales team.

Learn the 5 key pillars that every successful inside sales team is built upon from two veteran sales leaders!