Best Practices for Virtual Sales Meetings

Nitya Viswanath
January 6, 2022

Virtual selling is the new normal. Learn how to engage your leads remotely using the following best practices.

Sales involve a lot of in-person interaction to create a human connection, engagement, and rapport. In the last few years, sellers/sales teams have seen a major shift from face-to-face meetings to virtual customer meetings. 

Video conferencing has increased over 48% over the last couple of years, even before the global pandemic.

Even though the reality is that virtual selling comes along with several benefits for both buyers and sellers, the shift from in-person to online sales had its own effect on sales reps.

The major drop back for sales reps is that the meeting time is shorter, it is more difficult to build a rapport and engage when everything is online.

When having a face-to-face meeting, you can build a connection, read the prospect’s body language, and adjust the presentation according to the reactions of the prospects. Virtual sales meetings make it harder to build a relationship but it’s not impossible.


Here are tips to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of virtual sales meetings and build long-lasting relationships with your prospects online:

Set up your virtual working space:

Good video/audio quality and a silent background are simple but important methods to improve your virtual meetings. Purchase a light and high-quality noise cancelling headset, and upgrade your bandwidth to ensure you are not constantly apologizing for poor voice or video quality. 

A direct-wired internet connection is much more reliable than using Wi-Fi, allowing better streaming of audio and video and avoiding glitches, providing a better meeting experience.

Create an agenda and the plans for the meeting:

It is very important to have an agenda in hand before scheduling a meeting. This helps sales reps get a clear idea of what has to be covered in the meeting and ensures nothing gets forgotten. 

This will ensure sales reps always deliver a goal-driven sales call moving the deal forward. Here are 5 Expert Tips you can use for Winning Demo Calls

Send in a reminder one day before the meeting:

In this busy world, it is easy for a prospect to forget about the meeting and get engrossed in their work. 

By sending a reminder of the meeting, will help prospects to be aware of their schedule and prepare their set of questions.

The prospect will be ready before the meeting with potential questions and doubts.

Create engaging content and presentation:

With the sales meeting being online, it’s important to keep your prospects' attention. . Do not just talk about yourself, your company, your product or service. 

Draft open-ended questions that are targeted at their potential use case, and focus on learning more about how a certain pain point is disrupting business, and costing them time and money.  Having a goal-driven conversation will help close deals faster. 

Creating a presentation will help put a picture to your conversation. This will help prospects accurately understand your offerings and will help them stay engaged in the conversation.

Have a plan in place for technical difficulties:

Virtual sales calls can get derailed due to internet outages and technical difficulties. That’s why it's important to always have a backup plan for when something goes wrong.

Technical difficulties can arise at any point of time during the call, but it doesn’t need to ruin the sales calls. Hence having a backup will help ease the process during a technical glitch. 

Take notes during the call:

It’s nearly impossible to remember everything a prospect is telling you during a meeting. Taking notes during calls will ensure you don’t forget any important information and improve your sales process in the long run. 

Notes help you build a holistic overview of your prospect so you can make better follow-ups, give more targeted presentations, and smoothly handoff newly won customers to your customer success and support team.

Ciara’s note-taking function will help you record, transcribe and summarize your meetings. The Deal Map function will assist you in collecting important information to close deals faster.

Record your meetings:

Recording meetings means more focused sales calls. Instead of focusing on noting down every single detail, you know for sure you won’t miss any insights, because your attention is fully on the prospect

You can also use the recordings to analyze your meetings. It will provide you with in-depth insights of your prospect and your selling skills.  

Identify what piqued interest or pushed the conversation a long, and what stalled it. . Here you get more insights on how recording your meetings can make your sales efforts more effective. 

Follow up after the call with a summary of the meeting:

It is crucial to send a summary of the meeting as soon as the call gets over. This will help reinforce communication and clarity. 

Sending a mail entails sending a recap of all the points that were covered on the call and also consists of the next steps in the process. Here are some tips to help you master your follow-up calls. 

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