Best Practices for a Killer Sales Demo

Veronika Traublinger
October 15, 2021

Virtual selling isn’t going anywhere. Here are a few top tips on how to give killer virtual sales demos that help you close deals

Virtual selling isn’t going anywhere. Today, video conferencing is the new normal. A sales demo is the perfect time to determine the challenges your prospect faces and show them how your solution will help them to achieve their business goals. Video conferencing can provide the benefits of a face-to-face meeting while also being flexible, cost efficient, and scalable. 

Here are a few top tips on how to give killer virtual sales demos that help you close deals:


Record and Transcribe your Meeting.

Recording and transcribing your meeting can take the pressure off remembering specifics your prospect mentioned during your demo. You can easily jump to specific points in your conversation, gather key action items, or evaluate your performance to improve for next time. On top, it reduces the need for note-taking and allows you to stay focused on your prospect in your sales meetings.


Screen Share your Product Interface.

Screen Sharing allows you to share anything on your computer. If you’re selling a software platform, walk the client through the interface. Your demo should be personalized to the problem the customer is trying to solve – not all features are created equal. Use the information from the previous qualification to customize the demo and address the customer’s individual concerns and how your solution can help.


Simplify your Workflow.

With Ciara, all the prospect and customer meetings get instantly logged to your CRM, including all meeting notes and an automated summary. No need to manually document all your conversations - you can focus on talking to prospects while Ciara takes care of the rest.


Level Up your Sales Skills.

Forgetting is human. That’s why forgetting to ask a certain question, showing a relevant feature, or defining a concrete next step can even happen to the best sales reps. Luckily, Ciara provides you with real-time cue cards in case this happens so you never miss any essential step. This also includes monologue alerts in case you get carried away by raving about your product. 😉


Congrats, you’re all set to create an excellent sales demo process that will help you close more deals, and build valuable relationships with your audience. What are you waiting for? Jump on video! Schedule a 1-on-1 demo with a Ciara product specialist today!