Align Your Remote Sales Team With A Sales Acceleration Tool

Marlise Schneider
April 12, 2021

Remote sales is hard, find out how a digital sales acceleration tool can help you better align your sales team and boost communication.

Remote work is increasing in almost every industry. With better and faster internet connection, online work is easier than ever. While employees used to have to travel overseas for meetings, it’s now possible to hold these over Zoom. Even large, traditional corporations are switching to more digital communication methods. In an era of huge technological innovation, it’s important to remain conscious of the latest working trends, styles, and methods. What used to be rare and unheard of is now commonplace. Remote work, flexible hours, and online communication are standard in many companies today. However, one area that has seen a recent increase in remote work is the sales industry.

Check out our rundown of how you can use an acceleration assistant to boost your sales growth and productivity, and align your remote sales team. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect in this article.

  • What sales used to look like & what it looks like now.
  • The difficulties of remote sales.
  • A solution for remote sales teams.
  • Key info on the leading acceleration assistant for inside sales teams.
  • How a sales acceleration assistant is the key to your sales success.

What sales used to look like & what it looks like now.

The sales industry used to be characterized by door-to-door salesmen, but that has changed drastically over time. Now, inside sales teams are taking over the market. Unlike previous times, sales teams now work together in an office, often making calls from a centralized location. This enables sales reps to discuss their work, strategize, and optimize their sales tactics. It increases the sense of teamwork and allows coworkers to work together on overcoming challenges. With the rise of inside and remote sales, the sales industry is also experiencing a rise in the rate of remote inside sales reps. This requires new management styles, methods of communication, and sales strategies. Managers must adapt to completely different environments while SDRs must become more independent and self-disciplined.

Difficulties in remote sales.

Remote work is challenging for a multitude of reasons, but the most cited is communication. It’s imperative to have consistent and effective communication in a remote inside sales team. Channels like Slack attempt to bridge the gap by keeping coworkers in real-time online communication. However, maintaining communication entirely online is difficult and can lead to miscommunication and, even worse, misunderstandings. One other major issue in remote teams is employee onboarding. Guiding a new employee through the rough terrain of a new job is never easy, but it’s especially difficult when that new terrain is ever-changing and highly competitive, like in the sales industry. It’s hard to understand brand new tools and get to know other employees when everyone is just a name in a chat box. And these are just some of the issues seen in management.

From an inside salesperson’s perspective, remote work is flexible and freeing, but at the beginning, it can be unstructured and unclear. A sales team leader may not always be available to answer questions right away or quickly help a new member find information on a certain topic. It might also be difficult to understand assignments or develop goals. In terms of customer relations, it can be difficult to react quickly, know the answers, and handle problems. In the end, it’s helpful to mitigate these issues with alternative tools (such as guides) to help sales teams maintain consistency and cohesiveness in both external and internal communication.

A solution for remote sales teams.

Enter an sales acceleration tool for remote sales. This voice-powered acceleration tool has the ability to:

  1. Guide employees through customer communication with a clear, consistent talk track
  2. Provide information necessary to answer customer questions and objections
  3. Automatically send information and updates to their CRM
  4. Suggest follow-up tasks post-sales call
  5. Up to date deal overview and progress with unique Deal Maps

These features not only ensure consistent messaging across the team, but also provide employees with the answers they need when they need them. Digital sales acceleration tools can also help new sales reps learn how to interact with prospects on the phone, how to handle objections, and when to send follow-up information or requests.

A sales acceleration tool can also help sales teams stay on the same page by maintaining consistency across data management platforms and messaging. By updating CRMs and structuring information in a clear, uniform way each time, an acceleration assistant can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete administrative tasks. By performing these everyday tasks for a sales rep, such tools help sales reps stay on track and accomplish more in less time. Furthermore, employees can store all their call history, take notes within the call, and even transcribe it for further review in the same format each time. Other employees can then review this information and learn from it.

The leading acceleration assistant.

Ciara is the leading sales acceleration tool that allows sales teams to communicate with prospects and customers more effectively during sales meetings. Used by teams at leading insides-sales driven companies and high-growth startups, Ciara provides real-time conversation guidance to help sales professionals have better sales calls, and ultimately close more deals. Ciara has the ability to manage routine tasks, like sending emails, making follow-up appointments, and updating fields and adding information to CRM programs.

Ciara recently released their unique Deal Maps, which provide an overview of all the important topics and information that you need to cover during the buying cycle. Deal Maps also share real-time deal insights, always showing the deal’s status quo, including notes, meeting transcripts, and next steps, thereby showing you at a glance why a steal might be stalling.

A sales acceleration assistant is your key to success.

In conclusion, it’s clear that remote sales teams face struggles both common to inside sales teams and remote teams in other areas. The combination of these problems results in a complex series of issues to tackle to create the best and most successful work environment. Ciara attempts to solve a plethora of commonly seen barriers to remote inside sales teams with a tool that ensures consistency within sales teams and increases efficiency and effectiveness among individual sales reps.

For all inside sales teams, the more time spent on the phone selling and the less time spent on administrative tasks always leads to increased success. For remote teams, clear communication and congruous information create a sense of camaraderie difficult to find outside an office environment. For inside remote sales teams, it’s important to employ tools that help both team leads and sales reps overcome both the challenges faced by sales teams in general as well as barrier to remote work. Ciara is the leading tool in the market that focuses explicitly on this dilemma and will continue to provide remote sales teams with a solution to their challenges.

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