Accelerate Your Enterprise Sales Process in 4 Easy Steps

Sophia Obrecht
April 26, 2021

Accelerating your sales process to close more deals is as simple as these 4 easy steps.

How can you accelerate your sales process to close deals more quickly and efficiently? 

That’s the golden question when it comes to sales success. Luckily we’ve got the answers you need! Here are 4 easy steps to help you accelerate your sales success! 

  1. Qualify with the right question, 
  2. Handle objections with the right answers, 
  3. Follow through with appropriate next steps, 
  4. Assess progress and at-risk deals. 

Qualify with the right questions. 

The most important part of any sales process is the qualification call. It lets sales professionals determine if a lead is worth pursuing and how best they can move a sale forward. Add a qualification call to your sales process to close win deals faster and to stop wasting time on leads that won’t ever convert into a closed deal! 

To make the most of your qualification call is to make sure you ask the right questions! The goal here is to gain the most accurate, precise, and relevant information to help you make the most effective next steps and cut out the need for unnecessary meetings and repetition! 

We’ve put together this guide on How to Have the Perfect Qualification Call, complete with the best questions to ask, why you should be asking them, and how to use the CHAMP framework in your qualification calls to move your deal forward. Download the guide here. 

How can a sales acceleration assistant help: 

Ciara is a leading sales acceleration that speeds up your sales success with conversations that matter. 

What does that mean? 

Ciara provides in-call deal and conversation guidance to make sure sales reps make the most out of every sales interaction and qualification call. With Ciara's in-call guidance reps never miss the most important details of a call and the automated transcription feature means every single detail is recorded. 

Check out our BANT qualification call-template to use in your next qualification call. 

Overcome objections with the right answers. 

To accelerate your sales process and move a deal forward faster skilled objection handling is key! To impress a prospect sales reps must overcome objections with the right answers and in a timely manner (ideally as soon as a prospect flags a concern!). Before you go into any sales call make sure you are prepared, with common objections and answers, and have enough information about your prospect under your belt to be able to answer some more in-depth questions they might have. 

Remember building up a rapport with your prospect is key. But being an active listener is also important to make sure you are getting to the root of a customer’s concern. Don’t just answer the question with details about your product but rather address how the solution solves a challenge. Make sure to always double-check you have answered or addressed a prospect’s concern before moving on. This will make it less likely for the concern to resurface later and save both you and the prospect time when it comes to pitching and decision making. 

Download our in-depth guide on How to Overcome the Most Common Enterprise Sales Objections here, with example answers to some of the most common customer objections. 

How can a sales acceleration assistant help: 

A sales acceleration assistant acts as your copilot when it comes to handling and overcoming objections. With customizable objection handling cards of "Battle Cards", all sales reps have to do when a customer voices an objection is pull up their Battle Cards in real-time. As a result, objections are addressed accurately and quickly during the call, helping reps to move forward with the interaction and accelerate their sales process. 

Follow through with appropriate next steps. 

No sales cycle is effective without a strong follow-up and the right decision-making! The key to accelerating your sales process is getting the next steps right! It is important to identify the next steps appropriately, i.e. to understand if a prospect needs more nurturing, if a new stakeholder needs to be included in the mix, and an accurate assessment of how much time and effort a sales rep should put into each deal given each expected outcome. 

First things first, at the end of every sales call discuss and finalize the next steps. That means that by the time the meeting is over everyone should be on the same page and understand what will happen next. You should use all the knowledge and indicators you have gained during your call, as well as your sales expertise, and insights from previous interactions to determine what the appropriate next steps should be. Whether it is scheduling a demo call, signing a prospect up to a free trial, or agreeing to draw up a contract proposal, make it clear what comes next to keep your sales process moving forward! 

Make sure to follow up with a prospect straight after the meeting with the next steps in writing and again a couple of days later if action is yet to be taken from the prospect’s side. 

How can a sales acceleration assistant help: 

A sales acceleration assistant can help sales reps understand what decision to make next. Using customizable deal templates or "maps" built around each deal, a deal map lays out the next steps for each customer and highlights what information, topics, and concerns are left to cover, helping sales reps understand the exact stage of a deal more accurately and in real-time. This makes it easy and faster to keep moving a deal forward with accurate next steps. 

Assess progress and at-risk deals.

Throughout your sales process, it pay to stay informed on the progress of all your deals. That includes understanding which deals are progressing well and which deals are at risk. At the beginning of each week take stock of where your deals stand and make note of which are progressing well with potential and which deals are at risk. 

Remember to devote appropriate time to at-risk deals, from scheduling a follow-up call or sending an email to check-in and give your prospect a nudge. But, don’t waste precious time on a deal that is stuck beyond repair. Perhaps give it one last push, but after that return to a deal with more potential. You gave a greater chance of closing these deals faster. 

How can a sales acceleration assistant help: 

Sales acceleration assistants like Ciara provide automated deal maps which are updated in real-time with your sales calls! A deal map lets sales reps understand how far their deal has come, what steps and stages have been covered, what key details have been discussed, and what objections have already come up. 

As a result sales reps get a complete overview of their deal progress. This makes it much simpler to assess at-risk deals and understand how strong deals can progress with the next steps. 

Want to find out more about sales acceleration software and how it can help speed up your sales process? Here’s everything you need to know!