How to Empower Your Team to Succeed in Sales: Remote Edition

Sophia Obrecht
March 9, 2021

Download the guide How to Empower Your Team to Succeed in Remote Sales and bring your sales team back to post-pandemic productivity levels.

Selling has become a largely virtual activity over the past year, and the trend towards remote sales or hybrid sales(i.e., sales activities that involve some form of distanced selling and remote work) are expected to prevail into the future.

Yet managing a remote sales team effectively and helping reps retain their post pandemic efficiency is no easy task.  

Managers and reps who have worked in inside sales, though used to the virtual aspect of selling, are likely not accustomed the remote sales or sustained home working brought about the pandemic. Many might argue that more than a year on from the first wave of the pandemic, home office has become the norm, but this does not mean that we have learnt to optimize our sales teams’ performance in their new remote environments, extra effort is needed when managing sales team effectively and remotely.

This guide is designed to provide best practices and useful tips to equip sales manages and sales enablement with the insights needed to effectively manage remote sales teams, with advice on remote onboarding, how to measure performance and productivity in remote sales, and knowledge on using a voice-powered meeting assistant to help sales reps accelerate their sales growth and in turn help you manage their deal progress in a remote sales environment.

Download the Guide for in-depth insights into: 

Building team communication in remote sales teams🗣

Measuring and rewarding performance virtually 🏅

Team cohesion in global sales teams 🌍

Training and onboarding remote reps 🎓

Meeting assistants for managing remote sales teams 📞

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